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Friday, June 22, 2007

July 4th

Happy July 4th---its right around the corner. I can't believe that summer is half way over already! Its definitely warmed up around here--high of 93 today! Mexico Beach will be shooting their big fireworks display off the pier this year right around 9:00. They always put on a good show. There's no better way to celebrate the 4th of July than watching fireworks over the water!!!

As for the fishing-----Chip (my husband, captain of the charter boat "The Miss Mary", in case you didn't know) has been booked solid for the last several weeks. He's done pretty well most days although its not been easy!!! He's never been skunked at least, although he's come pretty close---------but that's why they call it fishin' and not catchin'!! He still has several days open the end of July and lots of availability in August and the rest of the fall.

As for real estate--------wow, the market has definitely picked up---contracts are being written weekly now--doesn't sound like much, but when you consider we went for about 6 months without writing ONE, we are doing great now!!!! It is such an awesome time to buy----many sellers are willing to do whatever it takes to hang on to a buyer----if you have been looking to buy a vacation property this is the best time--Find a property you want, make an offer of what you are willing to pay and if that seller doesn't accept, another one will!!! We have homes at all price levels now. I know that some people say "wait, its going to go lower" but what assurance do you have---we are pretty much selling now at prices we had about 3 years ago. I'm so afraid some people will wait too long and it will be too late because the values will go up again eventually---no one has that crystal ball-------------wish I did!!!

Vacant land, which had gotten extremely high, is now a great investment again!!! We have lots in the 80's now------some of the same lots sold in 2005 for $250k. That is not a typo----lots that were purchased in 2005 for $250,000 are now selling in the mid to high 80's. Tell me a lot at that price is not a good long term investment, even better if you want to retire here and build!!!

On a personal note--I'm going to fly to Pennsylvania for a family reunion in a few days!!! I am so excited!! My immediate family has 7 brothers and sisters + with their husbands and children---we are going to have A LOT of folks!!! I am so looking forward to it---its hard to get us altogether at one place---we've been planning this for 2 years!!!!! I can hardly wait--just had to get that out of my system for today!!

I pray everyone is having a safe and fun summer! Please feel free to respond to this blog or to my personal email anytime!!

Thanks again and Happy 4th of July--GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!

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