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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy August

I am loving our weather!!! August is usually the dog days of summer, but I will tell you that it has been unusually cooler in the mornings lately! We could use more rain, but we have just really had gorgeous weather!! Well, the summer vacationers are thinning out--still pretty busy on the weekends though. I do believe we've had a good tourist season! A big thank you to all you tourists out there!! Chip, my husband, has had a tremendous fishing season--actually the fishing has not been great but he had trips booked pretty much 7 days a week for the months of June and July. We don't have any Saturdays open in August but if you'd like to go fishing with him during the week--give us a call!!

Don't forget, the MBARA tournament is the 25th. We are expecting about 200 boats this year!
The captain's meeting is Friday the 24th at the El Governor pool area and its always a good time!! I believe registration is $150 and with that you get a free MBARA t-shirt, registered for door-prizes (of which there are many), and a free sausage dinner for you and your gang-cooked right there by the official MBARA cooking team!!!! The awards ceremony is Saturday evening at Toucan's, free fish dinner! If you want to register I can help you with that!

Restaurant update: Mango Marley's and The Neon Palm are now open for business! Casual atmosphere, burgers, wings, and other assorted foods!!!

Okay now for..............................REAL ESTATE!
We are still plugging away! Our sales numbers are up about 70% but prices have come down about 26%. There is no consistency in what is selling--about 3 gulf front homes, quite a few vacant lots, a few single family homes and a lot of the pre-construction condo's have closed!
All but the condo's have been EXTREMELY GOOD DEALS!
Here's the thing---you have to make an offer! Some sellers continue to have their property at a higher number but are willing to take much less. You don't know what they will take until you try. It doesn't cost anything to make an offer---If an offer is cash or you have an approval letter from a lender already, close in 30 days, and are willing to put a 2% binder down-that is a very strong offer and there is no telling what the seller will take!!!!!! I don't want anyone to pay over market value for a property, so figure out what you are willing to pay, what you can afford to pay and then MAKE THE OFFER! If the seller isn't reasonable, well okay, move on to the next one!!! Browse through my listings or do the mls search and let me know what you are interested in! My specialty is not seasoned investors, but just regular folks who come down here all the time, love it and want a place to stay when they are down or are looking to retire here when that time comes----When the investor comes back in--and they are beginning to, the prices will once again go up. Please don't miss the opportunity to own a place at the beach! I thank God everyday that Chip and I bought when we did---I love it here!

Okay, I'm off my selling soap box------have I twisted your arm enough?

As always, don't hesitate to post a reply, email me, give me a call, and/or browse my site!

Have a great weekend!!!

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