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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Summer is Here!

Man it's been hot! I'm not complaining though, That's why I moved here!!
The weekends have been busy in Mexico Beach. I love to go down highway 98 and see all the gorgeous umbrellas dotting the beach! Lots of kids on floats, jet skiers, sunfish, I love seeing it all!


Let's talk fishing first!
Chip's been doing pretty well. Lots of snapper, that goes without saying! You know they have shortened the snapper season------why? Certainly not because there is a shortage of snapper!
Chip can't even get bait down to the bottom for a grouper because of all the snapper!!!

He's also been catching a few grouper here and there, as well as king and spanish. He had some beautiful dolpin the other day!

Check out his website and book a trip!


As for real estate..................
It continues to be slow but somewhat steady. Everybody is showing property and there are definitely offers out there, some being rejected but quite a few being accepted. There have been some absolute steals lately!
  • Beach side, newer, 3/3 townhouse for $195,000----completely gutted though, needs EVERYTHING on the inside.
  • Beach side lot for $171,000----has a tear down house on it though.
  • Two Beach side lots across from the canal for $125,000 each.

I email great deals like this EVERY DAY as soon as I find out about them. You have to be ready to move quickly! This requires trust (of me, as your Realtor), quick financing, and the ability to execute a contract quickly!

These are the deals investors are scooping up. Yes, investors are coming back into Mexico Beach!


There are plenty of good deals for everybody though! If you are looking for a beach side (this does not mean gulf front, it means beachside of Hwy 98 so just a stones throw to the water) townhouse, please expect to pay $300,000 for a three bedroom. $250,000 (maybe less) for a two bedroom. These are not unreasonable prices for coastal properties.

You can get a single family home for $200,000----walkable to the beach!! At around $126/sq ft---you can't buy a lot and build for that!!!!

You can buy a BRAND NEW home, walkable to the beach, for $300,000!!!

If you just want a small place to crash for the weekends, away from the noise and stress of a big city------------------you can find something for right around $130,000 (NEGOTIABLE!!!).



Our prices have fallen drastically the last two years if you compare to the CRAZY years of 2005, 2006. We are back to our pricing BEFORE the boom. Are we at the bottom? I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE! I know that some of the prices are too high, I know some are reasonable, and I know some sellers are motivated and will make you a great deal! Are you ever going to be able to buy a single family house here for $100,000 again----NO! Are you ever going to be able to buy a gulf front townhouse here for $200,000 again---NO! I'm sorry but normal appreciation dictates that those times are over!

However, if you have been looking and CAN AFFORD a place here NOW , don't let looking and waiting for the "bottom" make you miss the good deals now!

Let me know your price range and I can send you a link to all properties in that price range!


Vacant lots have really dropped as well! Bank financing is not great on vacant lots, but if you have cash or want to have a seller owner financing, you can find a nice size lot for as low as $69,000!


There have been some commercial sales in the area as well! There may be a new restaurant in the area and a retail store as well!!! I'll provide more details as they become available!!!


Well, I pray everyone will have a great rest of the week and a terrific weekend!

Send me an email and let me know what you are looking for!


Go to church on Sunday and remember "When you get to your wit's end, You'll find God lives there."

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