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Monday, March 15, 2010

Has spring sprung in Mexico Beach Florida?

We had a gorgeous weekend!   Sunshine, warm temperatures (a tad windy but....) and what made it even better was its now staying light longer!

I thrive on daylight----sort of like a bear---when it gets dark I'm heading to the cave!    So, I'm grateful for more hours of daylight!

Lots of people here this past weekend!   I love seeing lots of cars in the driveways of houses that are vacant most of the time.  I conjure up images of family reunions and I get that warm fuzzy feeling!!   There's nothing better than a vacation at the beach with family and friends!!

I've been reporting the same thing for weeks now---its been busy!   We've been selling condos for the past 2 months at great pricing!
Practically brand new, a block from the beach, very nice complex with a gorgeous pool.    There are only a couple left right now.
Two bedrooms have just sold at $147K, now you can get one at $130K but I think there is only one left. 
The 3 bedrooms have sold at $177K and there is only one of those left too!


Mortgage rates are remaining low----30 year fixed starting at $4.65!!!!    If you are considering purchasing a 2nd home you will need to put 20% down.
Here's my mantra again....................purchase prices way down, mortgage rates way down---great time to buy!

My pick of the week is a large house that has a few quirks, but I know someone out there will love it!
It is a foreclosure now priced at $314,000.   It's about one block from the beach in a small subdivision with a community pool.
The lots are large, the HOA fees are minimal.   This house has a one bedroom apartment on the ground level and then 3 bedrooms/3 baths on the 2nd and 3rd level.    Great decking on the upper floors and you do have gulf view.
It is going to require a little TLC.   I have no idea what the bank would take.   Only one way to find out---make an offer!

Let me  know if interested!!

I've got to get back to work!
Call me with any questions or concerns!
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