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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oil Spill update for Mexico Beach Florida

Take a look at this link showing where oil has made landfall.   Click here.   As you can see, it has NOT MADE LANDFALL in Panama City Beach or further east to Mexico Beach or Cape San Blas.

Our beaches are as beautiful as always, no tar balls, no oil sheen, no oil fumes, just beautiful white sand and blue green waters. 

We are taking all kinds of precautions though---There are daily flyovers for aerial observation, there are boats patrolling the waters and even people on the beach watching for anything washing up on shore. 

If it was close by we would certainly know it!!!

Gulf County has deployed some boom to protect the Bay.  It is still open for navigation though and since the fishing is absolutely awesome right now, you'll want to get out there this weekend and take advantage of it!!!

Chip has been catching limits of snapper within just a few hours, king mackeral are around and he even snagged a few grouper the other day. 

While I can't predict where the oil will go in the next several weeks I do believe that by the time it makes it over this way, if it does, it will be pretty much dissipated, non-toxic, and diluted.   We are not going to see the gooey, orange, thick mess that poor Louisiana is experiencing.   We can live with a few tar balls on the beach----we always have those!
Just to catch you up on the real estate end---------we continue to show and sell!!!    Looking at the sales numbers for so far this year:

At the end of the 1st quarter, the average sales price was down 25% over the

same period last year. To date, the average sales price is down 16%. This

could mean that the steep price decline that we have seen over the years is

starting to ease up...possibly nearing that "bottom" that we've talked about

for years.
Interest rates are still under 5% which is amazing!   Lenders are lending to buyers with good credit and 20% down for those 2nd homes.
Buyers are definitely taking advantage of this market, knowing that even if we get a little oil over here----it's not going to last long! 

If you are interested in buying, just give me a call or email and I'll help you get started!!

Please feel free to call/email me with any questions about the oil spill or real estate!!

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