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Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy September From Mexico Beach

We could not have asked for better weather!   It has been a simply gorgeous weekend at the beach!
It was great seeing everybody down for the last holiday weekend of the summer although I know many many people who will still be coming down every weekend no matter what the season!!!

As usual, I worked this weekend!  Absolutely not complaining because as I've said a zillion times before I LOVE MY JOB!

I had only one scheduled appointment but had lots of calls from people down for the long weekend deciding its time to get in to the game.  I ended up showing property all day long yesterday to several new customers!  

 If I've heard it once, I've heard it 10 times in the last couple of months "I've been looking for years and never thought I'd be able to finally afford a vacation place in Mexico Beach".
With prices down and interest rates at unbelievably low rates---they can finally realize their dream!!

As a matter of fact, we are struggling to find properties that meet all of our buyers needs.   Our inventory is down, so any property that is priced to sell-----is selling!

Price is determined by location and condition.  Unfortunately for sellers, if you've not lowered your price in the last 30 days, you probably need to! 

Back to interest rates:  15 year fixed rates are now 4% and less!!!!
                                  30 year fixed rates are 4.2 to 4.6%
I've had a lot of folks ask if the banks are lending----the answer is resoundly yes!!    You need good credit and willing to put down 20% for a 2nd home. 

I sent out my newsletter last week.  I include specific information about what properties have sold, are under contract as well as what I consider to be the best deals.    If you are a new reader and want to receive my twice a month newsletter, just send me an email! 

Have a fantastic week and take the time to do something unexpected for somebody this week!
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