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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mexico Beach Gumbo Cook off

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day in Mexico Beach!    We had a tremendous turn out for the Gumbo Festival!!!      While our gumbo didn't win any official awards it was certainly rewarding for all of you who came by and said our gumbo was delicious!!!!

Tom and Anna YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!   


The real estate market continues to be pretty busy!       It amazes me how many people will say " so is the market picking up any?"    THE MARKET IN MEXICO BEACH IS DOING GREAT!!   We were extremely busy in 2010 and 2011 is starting off to be an equally busy year!!     The reason why is because our sales prices are significantly reduced.   When our prices are as low as they are right now, WE HAVE THE BUYERS!!!
They aren't making any more beach front!!

Of  course, it is all about the price!    Our buyers are certainly educated and are not willing to over pay!    If your property is listed at $500,000 but it would probably only appraise for $350,000 BUYERS AREN'T GOING TO PAY $450,000!!

A sale is based on location, condition, and price.      If your property is priced according to that location and condition it is going to sell!!!

Six residential properties were put under contract just last week. 

Three properties closed last week as well. 

Vacant land is continuing to have a rapid decline in value.   Lots just off the beach are selling now at $20,000-$50,000!!   Yikes!!       Lots now under contract and sales in February.


If you have property in Mexico Beach or St. Joe Beach and are considering selling, please give me a call!  

If you are looking to purchase and haven't formed a relationship with a Realtor yet, give me a call----I'll find what you are looking for no matter how long it takes!!!     I'm dedicated, persistent, readily available, knowledgable.....can't think of any more adjectives right now!!!!  I'll definitely keep you updated on the market as I send out daily email blasts as well as my newsletters and blogs!!


Have a great week!!!
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