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Monday, March 26, 2012

Mexico Beach!

The weather has been FANTASTICAL the last week!   Sometimes I seem to take where I live for granted.........and then I take my 3 minute commute to work along the beach and IT HITS ME!   I live and work in paradise!!!  (Thank you Lord!)   Unfortunately though, I've been really busy and just haven't had any time to enjoy this weather!      I want to go kayaking so bad I can't stand it....but I just haven't had a chance.    Soon, very soon!!!   I really need to get some sun on these legs of mine too!!!!

We've had lots and lots of visitors last week.....Minnesota, Arkansas, New Mexico and of course our good ole' Georgia and Alabama folks as well!!!

If you are going to be in town this weekend below is an activity you may want to participate in or at the very least attend!     Always fun to play in the sand!!!


Here's the link to see the real estate activity in the area.

Just to review......Contingent means there is an accepted offer on the property but still some hoops to jump through.......inspections, financing....before it is actually a done deal!!

Pending means all those contengencies have been met and they are just waiting to write the check and transfer the deed!!!!


Here are some of the new properties put on the open market this past week!!

New Listings


Have a great week!    
Don't hesitate to call me any time if you have questions about real estate in the area!
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