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Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby at Mexico Beach, FL

Well, let me first assure you........its not as bad as the weather channels says!!!!  

We've had pretty much steady rainfall starting yesterday morning, some pretty good squalls and wind gusts for sure.  The normal is happening....some small tree limbs all over the place, accumulating water in ditches and low lying spots.....surfers are trying to surf but we really don't have any waves!!!!     The surf is up but no real big deal.

I think we've had about 3 inches of rain.....probably more now because its been raining pretty hard non-stop since this morning!!!!    I think we are predicted to have quite a few more inches so I'll keep everyone in the loop!!!

I shot some footage but have misplaced my SD disk----so when I find it I'll post it!!!!

My house, however, has no electricity, haven't had since 2:00 yesterday!!!!   I'm afraid to open my fridge!!!!     It seems there are about 114 houses in Mexico Beach that don't have power...and according to Progress Energy...they don't know why.       I'm not sure they have dispatched anybody to really figure it out though!!!!

Indian Pass had some major flooding though.    The Cape closed the road at Stump hole for a little bit yesterday.....all pretty typical with a tropical storm!!!!!


As for real estate.........not a lot of new stuff going on....six properties put under contract since my last blog.   Click here to see what people are buying!


What is unbelievable is the interest rate!!!!!      I have a buyer who is getting a rate of 2.5% for 15 years!     (Primary home loan and they did have to buy some points but....2.5%!!!!!!!)

No wonder our inventory is so low......buyers are coming out of the woodwork knowing this is the ultimate opportunity to buy something at the beach!!!

On a side note...........I talked to a friend of my husbands yesterday who thought he had to call the agent on the real estate sign in the yard!    Nope, you don't.    You call the agent you have a relationship with , you call the agent who you know!      I am licensed to sell ANY PROPERTY in Florida!!!!     Of course, you don't want me to sell you a property in Miami because I don't know anything about Miami least start with me!!!!


JULY 4TH is right around the corner!    Our weather will be back to beautiful by that time so I hope you've made your reservations early.     We'll have fireworks on the beach in Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe has activities and fireworks in town as well.       

It will be packed and happy and patriotic!!!!!

Have a great week and don't hesitate to call me!
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