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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh Man, our weather could not be more perfect! It has started to cool down a little, especially at night, which is wonderful---beginning to feel like fall!!
The new road of St.Joe that takes us behind WindMark beach is now in use. They are working on public parking areas with beach access points as we speak. I know a lot of people have said they don't like this new road because you are no longer driving along the beach now. However, I do think that once they finish the parking area, the beach access, the boardwalk that runs along the beach, it will be even better than just driving along the beach. It will give us all a place to stop and take a walk or bike ride along the beach, a place where we can take visitors!

We've got two new business in Mexico Beach. Scoops Up is the new ice cream shop, at the other end of the Markets of Mexico Beach. He is now serving danish and coffee in the morning, hot dogs and chili for lunch and is providing free internet service!!!! StarDust is a great little boutique next to us----all kinds of handmade jewelry, "girlie" stuff, great kids stuff and just a wide variety of items!! You gotta stop by!

We've got the Movies in the Park on the 13th at Constitution Park in St. Joe featuring the movie Grease and the Art and Wine festival is the 21st at the Driftwood Inn in Mexico Beach.

As for the topic of real estate----still slow! A great time to buy---sellers are taking some pretty low offers. I honestly think that there are some awesome buys out there if you are willing to at least get in the game and make an offer. It doesn't cost you anything to make an offer. You can tell right away which sellers are motivated and which sellers want to still hold out for top dollar. The properties we have sold in the last month and those that are under contract right now are all considerably less than the asking price. Interest rates are still good. If you are seriously looking for a place on the beach, this is definitely a time to try to get one.

Its not a great time to be a seller---there are buyers out there, but they certainly are looking to get the most bang for their buck and are willing to walk away if they can't get a property for what THEY want to pay. I honestly think the market will come back up, but unfortunately, I think its going to be awhile. The properties that are selling now are what the appraisers will use for comps, so................ If you have to sell you just have to make your house more appealing than the other million on the market---you can do so either by the price or the condition of the house. If you don't have to sell, I wouldn't. If you can afford to hang onto your property for a couple more years, I would do it!! We have too much to offer here on the beach for property values to stay down!!!!! There is too much development going on which will bring the amenties we need to draw people to keep the values down. We are at the beach for goodness sakes!!!

Please don't be afraid to comment! Just click on the word "comment" below and voice your opinion, or ask a question or whatever. It will be fun to get a dialogue going!

Thanks so much, have a fabulous day and.........................................lets buy some real estate!

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