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Saturday, November 25, 2006


I cannot believe 2006 is almost over! The years are whizzing by and I know they say that's because I'm getting older, but I'M NOT! There are a few things that make me feel old though--------I can't sit indian style for more than a couple minutes without making me feel as if bones are breaking when I stand up, the kids I taught in First grade are now old enough to be married and have children, I can now just look at food and gain weight (of course I never stop at just looking!) and..........I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO SHOPPING THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!

Other than that..........I feel like a spring chicken!!!!!!!! Life continues to be good at the beach. Our weather is got pretty cold for a few days, but has warmed up nicely.......I love this time of year when you don't have to have the AC on at all, and you might have to turn the heat on in the morning just to warm up the house a little! The water has been absolutely gorgeous!!! The sunsets are amazing!

As for real estate......Its been a mighty slow year. Prices have dropped, sellers have negotiated, and buyers have gotten some very good deals! For you sellers, perhaps the spring will bring a new crop of buyers, for you buyers, we still have some sellers who really need to sell and are willing to give you a good deal!
I have heard that it is going to take another year or two for our market to come back---however, no one knows where the bottom or top ever is--------If you want a place to vacation or a place to live in Mexico Beach or the surrounding area, I honestly believe this is the time to do it! Inventory is still high, prices have dropped and sellers are really negotiating, interest rates are much better can it be! The buyers hold all the cards now.
There have been 80 residential sales thus far in 2006 between Port St. Joe to Mexico Beach. (My company, SunDance Realty, remains the number one selling company this year!!!!) Average price sold this year is $360,589, Average Days on the Market was 153. According to MLS, last year there were 171 residential sales (same area), average price sold was $404,370 and average days on the market were 105.
What will happen in 2007???????????????? Anybody's guess!!! Real estate has always been and will always be (in my humble opinion) a great investment in the long run-----not for flipping purposes because that is a different animal, but hang on to a piece of property for a few years and you will make a good return on your money. If you can use that piece of property and enjoy it during those years----how much more the return!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, everyone have a great week---start that Christmas shopping and decorating, be safe, stop and smell the roses once in awhile and as some real estate!!!

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