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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy 2007!!!

I pray you welcomed in the new year in a safe but fun way! I know I did! I am more of a "homebody" but Chip and I made the rounds to a few private parties as well as Toucan's celebration where we saw all kinds of people we haven't seen for a while! Had a great time! We probably ought to get out more!

I, of course, made several new years resolutions----the first two are the same ones I make every year-----lose weight, get better organized. We'll see............................................

It looks as if the real estate market is looking up a bit! Several properties have gone under contract in the last few weeks. We are getting more and more phone calls about looking at property so perhaps we have reached the bottom and are on the way up!!!!! Some buyers are getting some pretty good deals, so don't wait too long--------------once sellers even think the market is picking up they are less likely to negotiate as much as they have been!!!!!

Our prices have definitely come down, but people still want to move to Florida and what better place than Mexico Beach----where our average temperature THIS winter has been about 65!!!!!
So our property will appreciate again---no telling how soon------------If you are a buyer you might want to buy now BEFORE we do start going up again!

I just learned about a great program in Port St. Joe----Gulf Coast Community College provides adults with classess for $60 for 6 weeks. The Panama City branch has a greater variety of classes but the Port St. Joe branch has some good ones!! What a wonderful opportunity to learn something, meet people, and have fun!! I will post the website here but will also have a link to it in favorite links----so check it out!

I am also going to post on favorite links a link to the Panama City Bay Arts Alliance-------I have been to several events over the years but they have recently starting bringing in some FANTASTIC shows! I recently saw the group "STOMP" there ----an absolutely awesome show! Bill Cosby is coming this month and in April---The Lord of the Dance! Willie Nelson is coming in February (I think).

I also wanted to let you know of a great restaurant in Panama City---Casa De Fago? Its a brazilian restaurant with ALOT of great food and ambiance!!!! The side dishes are at a buffet, lots of salads, vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice....... but the real treat is the way they serve the meat! The servers (dressed in brazilian dress) some out of the kitchen in mass with sword like skewers loaded with different meats---chicken, steak, lamb, shrimp-----they bring the different skewers to your table and you choose which ones and how much you want of each. Then they just keep coming and coming until you feel like you want to explode!!!!!!!! Its absolutely delicious and entertaining!!!!! It's just across the Hathaway bridge in Panama City. Let me know if you try it!!!!!

Please don't hesitate to respond to my blog-----I will try to post more often----let me know if there is a subject matter you want me to address!!!!

Thanks to all my customers who have made this another successful year for me---the market was down but I still did quite well and pray that 2007 is even better for ALL OF US!


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