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Monday, January 29, 2007

BRRRR! Well, ole' man winter has finally decided to visit Mexico Beach for a few days. Really, I can't complain----we have had a most wonderful winter--spending most of it in short sleeves shirts!! Everybody needs a blast of cold air everyonce in a while----its refreshing and it makes you appreciate those hot summer days!!! The great thing is ---- it will be 60 degrees again in a couple of days!!

I had a great conversation with a guy from Illinois the other day---its amazing how talking to other folks in different parts of the country can put things into perspective. In Illinois, there is a state income tax except on folks who are on pensions, the sales tax can range anywhere from 6.5% to 9.5% and property tax on a $400,000 house is over $7,000. In Florida, we have no state income tax, sales tax in my area ranges from 6-7% and property tax on a $400,000 house is probably closer to $5,000. He did say for $400,000 you could buy a 2900 sq foot brick house with full basement------------------------but you would be in Illinois for God's sake! You can buy a great house for $400,000 here and be a short walk from white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida-------------I don't know about you but........................................

Anyway, I know we are getting a bad rap for property taxes right now so I just wanted to put everything in perspective!

I also had a conversation with a buyer about a week ago----She was about my age (young, very young) and this was not her first purchase of real estate. While talking to her and showing her one of my listings, she indicated she did not realize that I could show her (and hopefully sell her) anything in the area----she was calling each individual listing agent and making each appointment separately. I just told her that if she chose one agent whom she felt comfortable with-----that agent can do all that work for her!!! Part of my job is getting to know you and what you like and doing the searching for you! Your job should be to tell me your perfect property, tell me when you can be here to look, let me chauffer you around and then pick which one you want!!!!! So, my advice, stick with one agent and make them work for you!!!!!

The market seems to have picked up a little in the beaches area anyway---About 12 properties have been put under contract since January 1----that's extremely encouraging!! It seems people are coming back down and starting to look again----I'm optimistic that Spring will bring a little much needed boost to our local real estate industry. Sellers have been reducing prices pretty steadily over the last 6 months and I think we are reaching a point where prices are now stabilizing.

If you are in the market to buy, I think I would make some offers now, before Spring, especially if the property has been on the market all winter.

Hopefully Mexico Beach will see a couple new restaurants in the spring-----A steamed Seafood market and restaurant and "Mango Marley's" a family restaurant with wings, seafood and such.
We welcome both!!!

Please feel free to add any comments!

Have a fantastic week!!

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