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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

MBARA fishing Video

I just received the new MBARA fishing tournament video----much better than last years! The link is below plus I will put it on my links page. Check it out---I finally figured out you can fast forward it by clicking and dragging the little button on the bottom---you'll want to know that because they have a couple different 2 minute pauses for local commercials. For those of you who don't know about the MBARA tournament---it's a king mackeral fishing tournament every August---I think for our first one we probably had 25 boats. We are now over 200 boats!! The year before last we had well over 100 and Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on us------these are some dedicated (I don't want to say crazy) fishermen!!!!!! We have a great Captains party on Friday night with beer and tons of sausage, door really is a good time!!! Then of course the fishing begins Saturday morning ending at 5:00. We have the awards party Saturday night with a free fish dinner!!!

Now for more important issues: Real estate seems to have picked up! We have been having lots of phone calls, internet leads, walk-ins with people looking to buy. There are now about 10 single family homes in Mexico Beach and St. Joe Beach under contract! We have already closed on several this year! Of course the prices are quite a bit down from last year, so no wonder people are buying----we've got some great deals!!!!! Interest rates are still low too!!!! Those who are riding the preverbial fence waiting for the bottom--------------the bottom is only derived after it starts going up so don't wait too long!!!!!!!

We've had a few days of brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr weather----however, when you watch the weather channel with cities with 30 degrees BELOW ZERO--I guess we can't complain about our 38 degrees for a few nights!!!!!! I called my family in Erie, Pennsylvania---it was ZERO degrees. We are liable to get an influx of northern residents in March when they thaw out!!!!
Just to rub it in a little---expected to reach 70 degrees today in MEXICO BEACH FLORIDA!

Well, that's all I have for now. Feel free to post your response!
Have a great week and weekend!

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