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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Cold Weekend!

I woke up this morning to ICE IN MY DOG'S WATERBOWL!! Don't you worry all you dog lover's out there-------the dog was nice and warm cuddled up in the covers IN MY BED! I could only wish that all dogs were treated like mine! Actually if all people were treated as good as my dog..........................

Anyway, mighty cold out there this morning but the sun was shining all day so it didn't seem too bad.

The Annual Mexico Beach Gumbo Cook Off was today----A huge turnout--gets bigger and bigger every year! Congratulations to Billy Bowlegs (restaurant in Port St Joe) who took first place for the professionals division. I haven't heard who won in the amateur division yet.

Don't forget to click on MB Newsletter on my website to keep up with the other local events in Mexico Beach!

Good news for the avid boater/fisherman! The City of Mexico Beach is purchasing a new dredge for the canal---one specifically built to meet our needs! The canal is one of the City's priorities this year----looks like its going to be a great year for fishing and boating!!! Also, a new boat ramp is going to be built in that area that is designated as trailer parking --west of the new bridge---its going to be a couple of years until completed but will be a huge improvement!!

As for real estate--I anticipate a pretty active spring---we have already had a good January/February for sales!! It's still a buyer's market out there but I'm not sure how long that will last if things keep going at the rate they are now. Of course, the prices are drastically reduced from last year----between the prices going down, the interest rates still low, and the high inventory---it is a great time to buy if you want a place at the beach!!

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Thanks and stay warm!!!!!

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