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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Don't forget to "spring ahead" tonight for daylight savings time!!
Last time I blogged to sellers--------today--------I'm hitting you buyers!
I have been emailing some people property for YEARS!! I know that buying beach property is a huge investment and requires planning and consideration. However, some of these people have passed up deals and deals and deals all with the intention of maybe getting it at an even better price! Here are my thoughts on that kind of thinking-----If you are buying a place at the beach TO USE, that property is worth more to you than the person who is buying for investment only.
The years of enjoyment are worth something----actually its worth A LOT! We are in a buyer's market right now. Huge inventory, price reductions, seller's giving concessions, low interest rates....There is absolutely no better time to buy. I constantly hear---it might not be the bottom yet----you will not absolutely know where the bottom is until it starts going up---by that time, you've missed it AGAIN! Our prices here at the beach are all over the place---we have not yet substantiated a base level. That's because some sellers are afraid to lower their prices "just in case" someone is willing to overpay! This means that when a real buyer comes into play-------they hold all the cards!! If you are a serious buyer and really want a place at the beach---this is the time-------make a reasonable offer for your #1 choice. If you can not come to terms, make a reasonable offer on your #2 choice. I'll be willing to bet if you make a "reasonable" offer (based on sales THIS YEAR, NOT PREVIOUS YEARS) one of them will bite!

I just sold a little place to some folks----its their vacation retreat---its nothing fancy. They have come down every weekend since they purchased it---they've brought family and friends and are having a blast!!!! This is what its all about!!!!!

If you are looking for an investment only--------you guys have to look for a steal---I do think they are out there. In fact, I know of a couple..............give me a call!

The market has definitely seen an upswing! I think we are going to have a great season!!!

Post a blog, stop by and see me (purple shop just a few doors from the ice cream shop) or send an email to let me know you appreciate (or don't) my blog!!!

Thanks, Have a great weekend!

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