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Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring has Sprung

I pray that everybody had a wonderful Easter! Our weather was unusually chilly for Easter but there's always a cold snap right around this holiday, or so everyone says!!! I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and remember many times having to hunt eggs in the snow or having the easter egg hunt inside because it was too cold--------either way is JUST WRONG! So, I am not one to complain about a chilly 50 degree Easter morning!!!!

We must be in between spring break and summer break because I am not hearing the "whoops" and "calls" of spring breakers as they ride down 98 in their cars! Mexico Beach had a good showing of spring breakers, but as usual, its more of a family crowd, unlike Panama City Beach. There were even some daring souls that ventured in the water----way too cold for me still!

As for the real estate market---it seems that it has picked up a bit! A variety of properties are going under contract including commercial, vacant lots, single family homes and condos! That is encouraging to us all!!! I do think this is the time to buy. Many of the properties are now listed at the bottom dollar. Some property owners still insist on 2005 prices so our prices are really all over the place but if you are looking for a property at the beach I'll be willing to bet I can find you what you are looking for at the price you want. The inventory is still extremely high. So those sellers who are still holding out for the 2005 price have a lot of comparable properties at the new and lower 2007 price!!!!!

The majority of condo projects are in their final stages of construction with units left to sell. You can get some of these brand new units at the original release price!!!!

My theory is...............We will stabilize our pricing this year and next spring we will see a very slight appreciation. Sellers who have owned their property here for years are still making a huge profit on their investment if they sell now. It is only those who bought high wanting to flip that may be losing money!

If you are interested in buying or selling please feel free to browse my site and give me a call with any questions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who have never visited Mexico Beach I do hope you are planning a trip here. We truly are a beautiful place, a step back in time, and a most serene place that makes you appreciate the creator!!!!!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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