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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy 2008!

I hate to be cliche but...........Time really does fly!
I can't believe 2007 is over already and we are almost into the 2nd month of 2008!

I pray everyone had wonderful holidays!!

I sent out my end of the year newsletter at the end of December in which I relayed all the statistics about the real estate market for 2007. In summary, we had more than twice the sales in 2007 as compared to 2006. Due mostly to the fact that prices have come down!!!

Just about all sales were end users, meaning just regular folk who want a primary or 2nd home/lot at the beach to enjoy for many many years!!!

Prices have come down even more. There are exceptional deals out there for those that are brave enough to make offers. You don't know what a seller is willing to take until you make that first offer!!

Investors are coming back. Savvy investors buy when the market is down. They buy when everybody else is selling.

As I have said a zillion times before.........we don't know where the bottom of the market is until it starts to go back up. If you are looking for a piece of paradise here at the beach, I honestly believe you can't go wrong buying now. Real estate is a great long term investment---if you are going to buy a lot to build on later, if you are buying a house to live in for the next 5-10 years, if you are buying a place to spend your next 20 vacations................buying now is a great investment. Prices are down, sellers are negotiating, interest rates are down........Once investors are back in the game (and they are looking now!!!) Sellers will not be so negotiable.

Our listing prices are still all over the place. We have some sellers that have come down to reality and have their properties listed at realistic prices. We have some sellers that still say "well, they can always make a lower offer". This theory has not worked for the last two years and is not working well now. The list price must be reasonable for most people will not make an offer that is 30-50% off the asking price. However, there have been some contracts written for just that much off the asking price!!!!!!!!!

We have had a busy year so far and we are just getting started! Lots of people looking to buy!!
Several properties under contract in the last couple of weeks and several more are being negotiated as we speak.

It's amazing to me how many people found Mexico Beach by just driving the coast, fell in love with it and bought! Of course, how can you not fall in love with Mexico Beach!! I truly thank God for letting me live here!!
  • The fact that you can walk to the beach in a matter of minutes from just about anywhere.
  • No highrises blocking the water.
  • No ugly commercialism lining the streets
  • Public beach access everywhere!
  • I love the temperature here----we still have a few days each season that remind us we have 4 seasons-------and the rest of the time its hot!!!
  • White sand and blue green water!
  • Laid back atmosphere and attitude!

I watch the HGTV shows where people are paying $500,000 for a new home in WISCONSIN, or BOSTON or MINNESOTA. The temperature in those places right now is 5 DEGREES BELOW ZERO!!!

Can you tell I'm not a cold weather person! You can buy a house here for $200,000 and be at the beach in a 5 minute walk! You can buy a new gulf front condo here and have panoramic views of the coast!

I believe I'll stay!!!

Have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend!!

As always, don't hesitate to call or email me anytime with questions, concerns, viewpoints, or your wish list. My website has all the properties on the market so check back often.

If you would like me to add something to my website that would be beneficial to my customers, please let me know!!!

God Bless,


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