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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Florida Sportsman Fishing Forum

I'm sure that many of you are hooked, as my husband is, to the Florida Sportsman Fishing Forums! I thought it was probably just a lot of fishing stories! I am in constant awe as I log on occasionally to read AND LEARN! There are the typical threads of fishing stories and related questions about what size lead to use and where to catch'em this weekend. But you will be amazed at the humor, wit, sensitivity, and intelligence that the fishing forum regulars provide!
I've laughed 'til I cried at some of their stories and descriptions. I've cried as they have asked their "fishing brothers" to pray for a loved one that has been diagnosed with cancer. and I've taken notes as they have passed on information from their many levels and fields of expertise.
Doctors, lawyers, teachers, Realtors, preachers.............they are all on there! Their advice, knowledge, suggestions, criticisms is like any other forum, you might have to weed through some not so good posts but all in all a very educational read!!!!

The link is on my web page in the links section.

Above is a thread in the forum. Interestingly enough, forum members seem to agree with ME!
They believe the bottom of the real estate market is at hand and that if you want to have a place in Florida, you might better begin a serious look! In the thread link above they explain why they believe so. They are not talking to the "flipper" who wants to buy and then sell in 7 months for a large profit. They are talking to the 2nd home owner, the vacationer, the family that spends every long weekend here who is going to buy a home to use and enjoy for the next 5-100 years!!!!


The Florida Department of transportation is again hosting meetings about the proposed Gulf Coast Parkway. This is the new roadway planned to link Hwy 98 in Gulf County around Mexico Beach and link it to hwy 231 in Panama City. There are several routes they are looking at and are having meetings to educate the public on those routes.
This is a great website to provide you with all the information! They show and describe each route considered in detail.
This is a long range project, still in the planning stages right now. I do believe this will be great for Mexico Beach as it takes through traffic off the only road through Mexico Beach along our beautiful beaches!!! I believe it will provide easier access from Panama City, our Alabama visitors as well as those farther north! I believe it too will raise property values as it makes us even a little more exclusive!


The MBARA kingfishing tournament is this weekend! The cooking team (my brother -in-law as well as other friends) are cooking the sausage Friday night at the Captain's party at the El Governor. You can register there as well!
The weigh ins will be at Marquardt's Marina, where Sally, Bill and I will be weighing in those monsters you catch!!!

Hopefully, Hurricane Fay will dissipate and not cause anybody any problems!!!


That's all for today! If you are interested in buying or selling you can always keep up to date on the market by browsing my listings or ALL listings on my website. Don't forget, I can help you with properties that aren't my listings just as well as I can with those that are!
There are some good deals out there-------give me a call and I can send you a list of properties I think are good buys!


Have a great week, recognize the blessings around you, and don't hesitate to call me if I can help you with anything!


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