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Monday, September 15, 2008

Mexico Beach Fl dodges Hurricane Ike

Mexico Beach, once again, dodged another Hurricane. Hurricane Ike stirred up our waters, clouded up the skies, and brought in lots of surfers, but other than that Mexico Beach fared well!

Cape San Blas, of course, felt a little battering, as it always does. The road where stump hole is, (the rocks) was covered with water by the 14 ft storm surge. At least one home and a group of townhouses in that area were undermined by the beach erosion there as well. This area takes a beating every time there is any kind of storm in the water, so it certainly was not a surprise!


We had the 12th annual MBARA Kingfish tournament this weekend. Ike really put a damper on that as the water was not only rockin' and rollin' with the wave action, the water gets so murky that the kingfish don't want to eat!

We appreciate all those that turned out for the Captain's meeting----lots of great door prizes and the sausage, as usual, was delicious!!!! I know a lot of guys didn't get to go out and fish because it was too rough, but I don't think you missed anything!

We only weighed in two kingfish! 19.25 was the winner and 5.40 was the runner up!!!! We weighed in only a few spanish, with 3.85 being the winner!!!!

We all had a good time and again, thanks to all of you who, year after year, support the MB reef association!!!!


On the real estate's been a little slow! Not a lot going on, a few new listings, a sale here and there, and that's about it. This time of year is always pretty slow just because schools have just begun and people are adjusting back into the usual routine from summer vacations! My October newsletter will have September stats.


If I may, (and since its my blog, I guess I can!) I'd like to post a little gripe of mine. I've never quite understood why some people use different agents to gather information. If someone wishes to explain--PLEASE EMAIL ME! I really want to understand. We (real estate agents) all make our living the same commission. I've had some calls lately from potential buyers who are asking ME for information even though they have called/talked to /other agents. I know new buyers may not understand that any agent can help them with any listing, but these are not new buyers. I can understand using different agents for different areas, of course, but why make several agents work for you when only one is going to get paid.

I think loyalty provides the best customer service. This is usually the case in all industries! If you go to the same service provider every time you need service, don't you think they go a little above and beyond to please you? I think this is the same in real estate!

I'm grateful for every sale I've had. Grateful for every person who used me as their agent (whether they will use me again or not). And I certainly understand switching agents when you've used one agent and had a bad experience! But, I don't think its really fair to any agent when you use many agents to gather your information and then use only one on the transaction. Our time really is worth something---when we spend time emailing, making phone calls, researching information and properties for you and then you use someone who didn't bother doing that for you. I just don't get it!

Sorry for the whining, just had to get that off my chest!!!!!
I'm over it now!!!!

Keep Galveston and the other areas that were hit hard with hurricane Ike in your prayers!

Have a great week and if you are looking to buy or sell----give me a call!!!!


"Stop, drop, and roll won't work in Hell!"



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