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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mexico Beach Florida, Is Fall here??

What awesome weather we've had for the last few days! Cool enough to work in the yard all day and not MELT!!! Fall is coming, I just know it!!!

The Fishing Report first: Lots of bait fish up close, so perhaps that will bring in lots of fish! Last week, with the water all stirred up by Hurricane Ike, the fishing was terrible. But, as typical, after the water calms, the fishing is good!!! You can still catch Snapper in State waters about 9 miles out and they are definitely out there!!! You have to go out into Federal waters to catch Grouper though. There should be plenty of Kings and Spanish in closer though (since almost none were caught during the Kingfish tournament---they should be hungry!!!).

Chip loves fishing this time of year!! So much cooler and you can definitely catch'em!!!!!


Below is a video clip to an Oyster Eating Contest hosted by Two Crabs Restaurant Saturday.
Unfortunately, there were only two contestants, but it was still fun to watch!!! Where O Where were all you oyster eaters???? Prickly Pear also held a silent auction and wine tasting. All to benefit Growing Minds, a center for autistic children!

So, this past weekend had good weather, good fun, good friends + I showed some property----Can't get any better than that!!!

Oyster Eating Machine

The real estate market has been slow this whole month, which is pretty typical for September. Kids are going back to school and folks are getting back to the old routine and out of that summer vacation mode! Buyers will be around in October though, so I imagine things will pick up a little more next month. There are definitely some bargains out there for those end-users!!!!
I am going out of town the first week of October, so I'll try to get my newsletter out before I leave. I'll feature some pretty good bargains!!

Interest rates are back down under 6%. Anyone with good credit and a little bit to put down won't have any problems getting loans. Anyone with lots of cash-------bargains galore!

Sellers who are willing to owner finance are getting the most action. Or those who are listing at reasonable 2008 prices instead of 2005 prices are actually selling!!


On a very personal note: My Dad suffered from Alzheimer's for many years. It was extremely painful for me and my 7 brothers and sisters to watch him "dissolve" into a listless shell of a man. Alzheimer's is a horrid disease, crippling to the person as well as to the family who has to participate. Two of my sisters and I are participating in the Walk for Alzheimers to raise money for research. I absolutely pray that a cure will be found soon. Below is a link to my sister's page for this walk. If you would like to contribute to this great cause, I would be eternally greatful!

Memory Walk 2008

Have a great week!


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