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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Mexico Beach

It seems I always start with an update on the weather was really cold Friday and Saturday but absolutely gorgeous Sunday! You can't ever really put your t-shirts and shorts away----Of course, my husband Chip, pretty much wears shorts all year round!

It will get sweatshirt weather in the evenings but t-shirts in the day! We'll continue to have a few nights when it gets below 40, but that never lasts long and its always nice to have a chance to wear a new sweater now and then!


Not much news on the fishing front. Chip hasn't gone out for quite a while. I believe he has one or two trips scheduled but he's pretty much finished up until spring.


As for real estate: All I can say is ............find a property you like and make an offer.

There is a gulf view newer home that is selling for 28% of the list price. And that is actually more than 50% of what it was purchased for in 2005!!!
It is a short sale, so the bank was ready to get rid of it!

Other recent sales have been anywhere from 15% to 30% off the listing price! The higher the list price the more negotiating room you have! Short sales, foreclosures probably have the most negotiating room depending on how long it has been listed.

You don't know what a seller is willing to take until you make an offer. Some are very ready to sell, some are not, but it's definitely worth a try!!!!

Least expensive residential property is now at $99,000!

I am still coming across people who say to me "So, are you selling anything at all?" This comment always make me smile! My first response wants to be "So, watching the news are you?" Of course we are selling! We would all have our doors closed and be working at Walmart if we weren't!

This is the time to buy! There are buyers out there! They want the bottom dollar however. And there are sellers that are willing to take that bottom dollar. The hard part is getting them to both agree!!!!

If I said it one time, I've said it a zillion times.............if you can afford to buy a home here, this is the time! If you are planning on keeping that home for the next 5 years or more, this is the time to buy!


I just wanted to include the link below. During these Holiday times, we can't forget our military who are overseas and putting their life on the line for us. The link below is just an easy way to send a quick Christmas card showing your appreciation the men and women in uniform.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don't forget to tell the cook in your family how much you appreciate them! It's a great time to stop and remember all your blessings also. Every time I look out the window, I thank my God for allowing me to live here at the beach!!!


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