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Monday, November 03, 2008

Mexico Beach Florida Real Estate

We are having our typical fall weather now! Cool in the evenings (50's) and absolutely, stunningly gorgeous in the day---upper 70's. The water is calm and beautiful. We still have some swimmers on the weekend---the water is a little too cool for me but......................


We had several first time Mexico Beachers stop by the office this weekend! They raved about how quiet and low key it is and remarked how it is the exact opposite of what Panama City Beach has become. This is a typical response from people who have not visited us before. We really are like a pleasant step back in time!!
We may have to drive 40 minutes to eat at "Outback" or shop at Dillards, but its a small price to pay when you look at at that ocean and drive down Hwy 98 without a stop light for miles and miles! Not to mention the wonderful people here!

As for the real estate market. Prices are continuing to decline. We just closed on an 1800 sq foot home for $160,000! Not a foreclosure, not a short sale, not a distress sale. EVERYONE was happy with this transaction, buyers and sellers alike. The home could use a little updating but could easily be lived in for the next 20 years without doing a thing!

I will be sending out my monthly newsletter with specific stats this week.


My blog is short this week because I just mainly want to say


As much as I want to, I will refrain from spouting my political viewpoint. Suffice it to say
I pray you will vote your faith, your conscience, and your common sense!


Have a fantastic week!

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