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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can't Believe March is Here! Mexico Beach Florida


34 degrees as I write this this morning. Only a high of 55! By the weekend we are to be in the low 70's. At least it's sunny---makes a lot of difference!

I could be in my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania where the high for today is 19!!!!

Wow, its been quite a week in real estate! We have literally been showing property 5 days a week here!! Reminds me of the good old days when I'd have to cancel doctor's appointments because I had to show property!

There are people calling/emailing in almost everyday scheduling trips to come and look at property---it is so encouraging. And quite amazing to me!!!! Listening to the news you would assume we were all on the verge of disaster!

For the most part these are definite buyers not just tire kickers!

It might be that people are deciding to put their money in real estate as opposed to the stock market?????


Since I last blogged last Monday, 4 properties have gone under contract out at the Cape. All were either Gulf front or gulf view and all except one were short sales!!

Just to remind you---a short sale is when the seller owes more than what they are asking. The seller then has to negotiate with their lender to take less and release them from the mortgage. This is usually a lengthy process so buyers need to be patient!!! Banks do not conform to our policy of "time is of the essence"!

As for closings. Last week a modular house on the cape closed for $100,000! A mobile home in Mexico Beach for $95,000, and a beach cottage with unobstructed gulf view for $297,000 in St. Joe Beach. A gulf front house out on the cape closed as well, although the sales price has not been posted yet.


I have now comprised a separate list of foreclosures and short sales for the Cape San Blas, one for Port St. Joe and then one for Mexico Beach and St. Joe Beach. The cape has the most by far, and it will take a while to download, so I'll only send this at your request!!!

I will be sending out my monthly newsletter tomorrow. The most interesting statistic, and definitely worth repeating in the newsletter is.....................The average sales price, when compared to January and February of 2008, is DOWN a whopping 43%!!!!!!!

And the number of transactions is UP a whopping 42%!!!!!

Of course that makes sense, prices are down, people are buying!!!!!


I'll highlight some other stats for the month of February in my newsletter tomorrow as well as provide you with what I think are good deals and other miscellaneous information. If you are on my email list and have not received the newsletter in the past, it may be because it is registering as spam. Just let me know and I'll send it another way.

Have a great week! Don't hesitate to call/email me anytime if you have any questions about any property in the area. You can see all properties on the market on my website by clicking on property search.

Remember.....God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do!!!



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