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Monday, February 16, 2009

Greetings From Mexico Beach, Florida

Another gorgeous day in Mexico Beach! The Gumbo Cook-off was Saturday and although it rained (rain is an understatement!) we had a fantastic turn out! The competition was fierce AND delicious and fun was had by all.

Below is just a little video from my vantage point at the Sundance Realty gumbo booth (we won a people's choice award!!---just kidding).

Below is a link to you tube to see the video.


So, the stimulus package...........They have decided to boost the housing market by offering homebuyers a 10% tax credit on their home purchase. BUT, its 10% up to $8,000. And its for first time homebuyers only. AND, you can't make over $150,000 for couples or $75,000 for individuals. AND, you can't sell the home for 3 years or you have to repay. AND you have to purchase it before November.

I believe the definition of first time homebuyer is someone who hasn't owned a home for the past 3 years.

I'm all for a tax credit because I do think it well get some buyers off that fence. Not many, but a few. And I really don't mind the stipulation of having to keep the house for 3 years, because that will rule out the investor.
But I really don't think there should be a income restriction. Why penalize people who make a great income????

I don't think this is going to have a huge impact on the housing market! What do you think?


Cypress wood is not only gorgeous but expensive! Below is a link to a neat little story about the guys who dive for it. Brothers River is north of Mexico Beach.

Just a little local flavor for you!


Oh yeah, the real estate market......................Lots of activity the past week. Lots and lots of lookers, offers being thrown out, and I believe at least 2 properties went under contract just this weekend! Doesn't sound like much but remember, we are talking just about Mexico Beach and St. Joe Beach, so a pretty small area!

Listing prices are still all over the place. Unfortunately, we still have sellers who insist on putting their properties on the market at ABOVE market value.........WAY above. I don't understand why! It doesn't do the seller any good and it just confuses any potential buyers!

No one can tell where the bottom is when our listing prices are all over the place.

We did have a closing on a nice home across from dedicated beach (unobstructed water view). It closed at $520,000. This was not a distress sale at all, so it really provides a good fair market value!!!

Those sellers that really want to sell are becoming more and more reasonable----properties that are priced right are getting shown and getting offers.

All initial offers are low, simply because that's what happens in a down market....but the most important thing is to get it shown, and work with the buyer when an offer comes in!

Please don't hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions about any properties in the area. Of course, I can help you with ANY property, it doesn't have to be my listing.
Check out my website and you can see all properties that are on the market!!


Have a fantastic week!
Sundance Realty

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