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Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas from Mexico Beach

Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

I pray you all have a precious time with family and friends as we all remember the birth of our Lord and Saviour.

If you are considering replacing your windows, doors, roof, or adding insulation in your home anytime soon check out the following website.  You could get up to $1,500 tax credit.  Of course, there are strict stipulations, it must be your primary home, and the products must qualify for a certain energy rating.
The following website will have the details.

Energy Star Tax Credits


Calling all fisherman...........if you have not checked out the new blog  United We Fish
Please bookmark that page and check back frequently or subscribe and you will get updates.   The fishing industry is certainly under assault as there are several environmental agencies working to further restrict any recreational fishing!    Please take a minute to reflect on what it would mean if we couldn't catch ANY snapper, grouper, amberjack.................think about the industries, the people that this would affect.

If you don't think it possible:

NOAA’s Fisheries Service has announced an interim rule that will prohibit commercial and recreational fishing for red snapper in federal waters off North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the Atlantic coast of Florida.

The six-month rule becomes effective on January 4. It can be extended an additional six months if necessary.

There are people out there who take advantage of and exploit every industry, the fisherman who catch all they can, regardless of size and number....but they are not the majority.  Most fisherman who love to fish and especially those who make their living with it are THE UTMOST CONSERVATIONISTS!!    They do not over fish! 

Don't get me on my soapbox.............just check out the website!
Mexico Beach residents and businesses know the data these environmentalists are using is flawed.  We know there is no shortage of red snappers.  We know there is a hidden agenda. 
Mexico Beach is showing its support of United We Fish and Vote by putting up banners and signs all over town.

If you want a banner or sign, send me an email and I'll get you one.   Bumper/window stickers are also being printed.   Donations are needed to keep this up though!

Okay, let's get to some fun stuff!

Mexico Beach is in an unusual area.......we are right on the line of central time zone and eastern time zone.  Therefore, every New Year's Eve, we actually get to celebrate it twice!    Celebrate it first in the eastern time zone and then go a few more miles to ring in the new year again in the central time zone.
The City of Mexico Beach provides trolleys to take you safely from one establishment to another!

Celebrate Twice!

As for the real estate market:
Two properties were put under contract in the last few days, several others being negotiated.

  • 3 bed/3 bath Waterside Village Condo listed at $188,500 as a short sale.
  • 3 bed/3 bath Gulf view home with over 1,700 sq ft listed at $379,000
There were 4 closings:
  • 3 bed/2 bath home in a great neighborhood, a little longer walk to the beach but an easy golf cart ride!!!  This was a foreclosure and needed a little TLC.  Selling at $170,000
  • 1 bed/2 bath newer condo with a boat slip.  Almost 1100 sq ft.   Foreclosure seller at $178,600
  • 3 bed/2 bath 1974 home with about 1300 sq ft BEACH SIDE, sold as a short sale for $303,000
  • Windmark Beach home with 3 bed/3 bath, over 2200 sq ft selling for $575,000
Properties under contract and sold in the week of Dec. 14-Dec.21


I've got some awesome deals starting at $150K and( maybe a tad less) all the way up to a steal for those looking for a fantastic house at $820,000.

If you are seriously looking please give me a call!   I will be taking Christmas Day off, but don't hesitate to call me up until then.   I'll also be working the day after!

Have a very merry Christmas and I appreciate each and every one of you!


Posted via email from Mary Blackburn in Mexico Beach, FL

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