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Friday, May 07, 2010

Update On BP oil spill

Below is the information disseminated TODAY!   I just cut and pasted a few of what I consider the most important statements in relationship to Mexico Beach.   I highlighted some statements in red just to give emphasis.

Please check out the website as it gives great information daily:

TALLAHASSEE – The State Emergency Response Team, in support of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as the lead response agency for the state of Florida, is actively participating in the Deepwater Horizon response.
The following is a summary of state and BP response actions to date, as well as tips for residents and visitors to take precautions both pre and post-landfall.
Landfall Predictions:
• Deepwater Horizon continues to discharge an estimated 5,000 barrels (210,000 gallons) per day.
• BP has completed construction of a dome, expected to be in place as early as this weekend, which will be used in an attempt to contain the oil discharge. BP has also begun drilling a relief well to eliminate the discharge. The dome is roughly 125 offshore, southwest of Pensacola.
Currently, there are no impacts to the state projected in the next 72 hours. The loop current is far south of the oil and there is no imminent threat that the oil will be picked up by the loop current. However, Florida continues to make preparations to safeguard the state’s shoreline.
The state of Florida reminds its residents and visitors that the state’s coastline has not been impacted at this time and remains open for public enjoyment.
• Should any impacts to Florida’s coastline occur, these could potentially include tarballs – fragments or lumps of oil weathered into a solid consistency – oil sheen or tar mats –sheets of oil that are thicker than a sheen.
Should individuals observe any evidence of oil on Florida’s coastline, they should leave the area and report the incident to 1-866-448-5816.

Boom Placement:
Approximately 160,400 feet of boom has been placed out of the Pensacola and Panama City staging areas.
• An additional 16,700 feet is expected to be placed today.
• Currently 11,300 feet of boom is staged in Pensacola with an additional 20,000 booms on order. In Panama City, there is 6,000 feet staged and an additional 53,000 feet of boom on order.

o If the oil washes on the beach, the sand can be cleaned.

Health Effects:
• At this time, there are no indications of any health risks to Floridians due to the Deepwater Horizon incident. The Department of Health (DOH) and DEP are closely monitoring health and environmental impacts to Florida’s beaches and will notice an advisory if conditions become unsafe.

Currently there are no Florida State Park or beach closures. For more information about Florida State Parks, visit:
• Florida’s pristine beaches and famed fishing grounds remain open to residents and visitors. Currently, there are no impacts to Florida’s 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline and 663 miles of beaches. Florida’s shores are clear and open for business.

Florida State Parks are seeing no impacts at this time from the Deepwater Horizon incident and remain great destinations for families to enjoy.
• The Florida State Park website will be updated daily and will list any parks that may be impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Incident:

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Posted via email from Mary Blackburn in Mexico Beach, FL

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