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Friday, August 19, 2011

Phewwww It's been HOT!

The real estate market is as hot as the temperature around here.

Click here to see all the properties that have been under contract this month.   Fourteen residential properties!!!   

Click here to see the properties that closed so far in August.

I believe people who have been looking for a while have finally realized that if you see something you like you better put in your best offer.    Lots of multiple offers are taking place and its so frustrating to see disappointed buyers because they didn't move fast enough or they tried to low ball!

Low prices + super low interest rates----what a buyer's market!!!!


To bring you up to date on the fishing..........

Snapper is now closed.   We were hoping they (the Feds) would re-open it for a little while in the fall, but the ruling just came back and they are NOT going to open it.     Of course, there are plenty of snapper out there but.............hey what do we know!

Gag Grouper is going to open from September 16-November 16.     Book your trip early!

The kings are definitely out there!!!    The MBARA king fish tournament is next weekend!!!
Captains meeting on Friday night!!!
Let me know if you need more details!!!


Lots of events happening in the area in September.   Check out my website for local events!!


I gotta get back to work!!!
Don't hesitate to call me anytime!!
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