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Monday, August 01, 2011

Yikes! Everythings HOT in Mexico Beach!

I believe the "dog days" of August have arrived on time!  Phew its been hot!  
Not Georgia hot least we have a sea breeze most of the time!!!
The News of the Week:

The City of Mexico Beach just bought the old Parker House to use as the new City Hall.  Unfortunately, it caught on fire the other night.

I'm not sure if any of the building can be restored but.......I'll keep you updated!

THE KINGS ARE RUNNING AND ARE HUGE!!   Lots of big kingfish are being caught!! 
Snapper season is now closed, hopefully they will re-open for a little bit this fall.

Shark fishing is another fun

The Port St. Joe Scallop festival is this weekend!


Real Estate has also been HOT this July...........25 residential properties put under contract in 31 days....just in Mexico Beach to Windmark Beach!!!   WOW!!!      Click here to see them.

Our inventory of homes is dwindling fast.  I'm not saying prices are rising but........when a home has absolutely no competition.....the seller may be able to command a better price!!!

Interest rates are still under much longer there is no way to tell.   We have to get a handle on this debt ceiling crisis before that will be determined.   

Many buyers have decided to buy lots and build rather than try to find a home that suits them.
I think its a great time to buy a lot and build a brand new custom home!
Lots are now available starting at $21,000!!!!

Check out our new restaurant......Case De Playa


Have a great week!   
Don't hesitate to call with any questions about REAL ESTATE!

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