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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mid February Already???

I've had several people 'remind' me that I've not blogged for a long time!   I apologize!    While there is no good excuse at least let me TRY!!!!

Real estate has been busy!!     Below is a link that shows all the activity in our area...Mexico Beach to the Cape.    I believe there's 72 properties either put under contract and/or sold in the last month and a half.   That's VERY BUSY for this time of year!!!!!   

Click Here to go view all listings at once.

We (meaning all of us Realtors) have been busy....that's my first excuse.
My 2nd excuse........when I'm not working........I've been helping with the renovation of my kitchen!!!

I've been living in squallor now for going on 6 weeks.   My cabinets are 2 weeks late!!! 
We have the floors down (strand them!), the baseboards replaced and painted, repainted the ceiling.   The electrical is pantry doors installed....Just waiting on the cabinets....did I mention they are TWO WEEKS LATE?        They are supposed to be here Wednesday...the granite templater Thursday!    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

So.......while I have been slacking on the certainly isn't because I've been having fun!!!

We've actually had some fantastic kayaking weather in January....but NO....I've had no time for that.  

It's been FREEZING the last couple of days though.  This too shall pass.


One really great thing is now happening..........The purchase and finishing of the gulf front concrete eyesore in Mexico Beach.

The new owners are working feverishly on it and are projected to have it done by JUNE of this year!!!!     We are ALL looking forward to it. 

The new name is THE VUE  and prices start at $222,880.    Give me a call if you are interested!


I'll try do get back to blogging every week!!!!

Thanks for you patience!!!
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