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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mexico Beach Florida Real Estate

We are back to normal from the hectic 4th of July week!! Weather seems to be back on track as well! Afternoon showers, the record heat wave seems to be over......

THE FISHING IS GREAT!!! Chip has been catching lots of snapper! He swears you can catch them with a cane pole they are so thick!!!!!! He's been catching Spanish, kings, dolphins and even a grouper now and then!

He's promised to take me this week----I only go when:
#1. it's slick calm
#2. it's not too hot
#3. the fish are biting
#4. I can catch my limit in 4 hours or less
(So you can imagine how often he takes me!!!!)

Snapper season ends mid August. If you are interested in a fishing trip, check out Chip's website

Scallop season is in full swing! I haven't gone yet, but I've heard they are a'plenty. They aren't huge but there's lots of them. If you haven't been scalloping, you have to do it! You can just walk around in the bay and pick them up. The cleaning is not a lot of fun, but the results are delicious!!!

Port St. Joe has its 13th annual Scallop Festival the first weekend in August. Don't forget to check out LOCAL EVENTS on my website for other area activities!

As for real estate:
In Mexico Beach last week only 2 residential properties were put under contract:
>Small, (576 sq ft) mobile home a few blocks from the beach, listed at $80,000
>Single family home right on Hwy 98 across from beach access, 2,000 sq ft listed at $285,000. This is a short sale.

Just to let you know, in Mexico Beach to date we have 19 residential properties under contract. ELEVEN of them are short sales (meaning the seller is selling them for MUCH LESS than what is owed on them). Several of them have been under contract since the first of April.

While short sales can be good deals, they are frustrating for everybody involved. The banks are under no contractual obligation to respond timely and therefore THEY DON'T!

We've had 3 closings last week in Mexico Beach:
> Single family home about 1/2 block to the beach. 1,000 sq ft main house + guest house, selling for $278,850. This is one of those rare sales, where it was actually purchased for more than it appraised!!!
>Single family home about 1/2 mile from the beach, with about 1700 sq feet, selling for $219,000.
>A canal front townhouse, bank owned, 2 bed/2.5 bath, with a little more than 1200 sq ft, selling for $283,000

Cape San Blas

Only 1 property was put under contract this past week.
>First tier home in a beautiful exclusive subdivision. 3,100 sq ft, listed for $567,000. Short sale.

The Cape has 15 properties under contract to date, only TWO are not short sales or foreclosures!

Port St. Joe
Two properties have been put under contract
> A 1700 sq foot home built in the 30's, renovated, listed at $199,000 as a short sale.
> A basic 3bed/2 bath home listed for $200,000

One home closed in PSJ last week
>Small, dated, house with about 1,000 sq ft closed at $90,000

Interest rates for a fixed 30 year note are anywhere from 4.875 to 5.62%!

A 30 year jumbo loan is 6.25- 6.5%!

I believe we are back to 2003 pricing!

If you are not on my database to update you on new listings or price changes, send me an email with what you are looking for and I'll be glad to send you links to properties that meet your criteria as they come on the market!

You can search yourself on my website by clicking on Property Search if you prefer to look yourself! I can help you with ANY property you see there!!!!

Have a wonderful week and remember "Envy is a waste of time. You already have everything you need!"


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