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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mexico Beach Florida

Amazingly, July is almost over---we are already half way through 2009! I guess I'm getting older when I really believe 'TIME DOES FLY'!

The Scallop Festival is this coming weekend! Downtown Port St. Joe on Saturday and Sunday. Things for the kids to do, local arts and crafts, music and lots of food, including scallops!!

If you've never gone scalloping, you have to try it! It's so much fun and anybody can do it!
You can just wade in the bay and find them. You do have to have a fishing license though--which you can get at the Hardware store in Mexico Beach or any bait and tackle store in Port St. Joe.
Scallop season arrives the first of July and lasts until the tenth of September. The scallop limits are 2 gallons unshucked per person or 1 pint shucked per person, 10 gallons maximum unshucked per boat or half gallon maximum shucked per boat. Scallops can only be harvested by hand or with the use of a landing or dip net in order to prevent damage to seagrass.

My fishing trip with the girls is tomorrow---I hopefully will have a couple of pictures to share next Monday!!
Fishing has been great, so I have high expectations for my husband! (poor guy, I'm sure I'm his nightmare of a client!)

Man, its been busy in the real estate market! Everybody is showing property, lots of offers flying around----some working and some not! Everybody is looking for a steal, not even just a deal!!

Since the 13th of this month 3 properties have been put under contract in Mexico Beach:
>Townhouse, 3 bed/2 bath, about a mile from the beach, listed at $139,000. Short sale.
>1800 concrete block house on 2 lots, needs some work, canal front (north side), listed at $259,900. Short sale.
>A lot up on a bluff in Beacon Hill, great water view, listed at $199,900. Bank Owned.

We've closed on just a couple of things.
>Small, 752 sq ft, townhouse in a great subdivision in St. Joe beach for $106,000
>Smaller octagon house about a mile from the beach, 2 bed/2 bath for $136,000

Both I think were really good deals!!!

Out on the cape:
Three properties put under contract:
>66 X 215 lot with gulf and bay views, listed at $155,000. Bank Owned.
>A REAL fixer upper on C-3, good size but did I mention FIXER UPPER, listed at $140,000. Short sale.
>A gorgeous Bay front home with over 3,400 sq ft listed at $925,000.

Three properties sold as well:
> Gulf front single family, 30 feet on the water and sat back in between adjacent properties, so a severly limited view, Sold at $400,000 as a short sale.
>A single family home on the bay side of the cape, 1660 sq feet, sold for $184,000
>Half duplex, gulf front, smaller, 1120 sq feet, needed some work. $170,000 Bank owned.

There are some exceptional deals out there-----only if you have patience!! Most of them are short sales and are taking 3-6 months to get approval. Yes, they are frustrating, aggravating, and infuriating, but worth the wait!

Lots to do in Mexico Beach this time of year: check out my calendar of local events!

Have a great week! Don't hesitate to call/email me anytime if you have ANY questions about buying or selling in the area!!
And remember: "God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do!"

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