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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Market in Mexico Beach Fl

Have you seen the advertisement for the Hallmark Christmas ornament that digitially counts down the days, hours, minutes, seconds to Christmas.   GEEZ, WHO NEEDS THAT PRESSURE!!!

It is a constant mental struggle to remember the WHY of Christmas, the WHO of Christmas instead of the "WHAT am I going to buy......"

I love Christmas--I love the REASON FOR THE SEASON and I love shopping----put the two together and you have an awesome holiday!!!!

I went to the Panama City Car show this past weekend!    Man, what a great car show!   I've posted a couple of pictures.  I'm thinking the purple flame car could be my next car---got the Sundance Realty theme goin' on!     The other car is Chip's favorite Rat Rod.      I must admit they are pretty cool---lots of creativity!
Definitely a new rage!   I've posted more car pictures on my facebook page if interested!


As for real estate------------the market is good!    Of the last 6 offers I've made recently, 4 of them had multiple offers!!!    The seller has countered all parties with  "give me your highest and best offer" putting the pressure on the buyer!    Buyers hate that!    They understandably don't want to offer too much but what they also need to remember is a property is worth what a buyer wants to pay!   Our buyers are not looking "to flip" properties.   They are end users who are going to use and enjoy the property for a long time---so is $5k, even 10K going to make a difference in the long run---is it worth losing a vacation home that you really want?    If you wait until the interest rates go back up----you are talking about spending A LOT more for that same property even at the same purchase price over the life of the loan. 

Interest rates are still well under 4.5% even for investment properties--as low as 4.125%   Gotta have that 20% down though!

The buyers are out there----its all about the price though---if you don't have it priced right---they will simply move on to a different one.   Motivated sellers are definitely getting a sale!

Let me know what you are looking for and I'll not only search high and low but I'll update you every time a new property comes on the market or has a price reduction!

We will be closed Thanksgiving day, but certainly working all that weekend!  

Have a great week!
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