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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Comes to a Close in Mexico Beach Florida

I pray everyone had a merry and blessed Christmas!   I know I did!  My Christmas was quiet (just the two of us)  but good!!    
Below is how my husband wraps his Christmas presents.   Clever I admit but just a tad frustrating to open!!!

Our weather has been unusually FREEZING!    I know I shouldn't complain because I'll get all your emails about what COLD is really all about but.............I live in Florida!   I came here to be warm!!!!     We've had several mornings when the dog's water bowl had a top layer of ice----this is how I measure temperature!!     Of course, the dogs themselves were toasty warm inside either cuddled up in my bed or their bed!

However, we'll be back to normal with 50's-60's  and hopefully the winter weather will be over with for the rest of winter!

My sister-in-law has turned me on to a delicious sandwich!!!!    Chip has named it the Holiday Sandwhich because the holidays is the only time you'll actually have all the ingredients!!

Turkey, cranberry relish, and dressing (or stuffing if you are up north)!  I like to toast my whole grain ciabatta roll!      I know many of you are probably saying "duh" because you have it every holiday.    But this Thanksgiving was my first and I LOVE IT!   So much so, I made Chip cook another turkey for Christmas just so I could have another "holiday sandwich". 

A big shout out to Pam for my new favorite Holiday Sandwich!!!


As for real estate............It's been a good year for me.   (All praise to God who continually blesses me in my job).

The prices are half and in some cases much less than half of what they were in 2005!   Because we are at the coast and Mexico Beach is the most beautiful , low key, laid back town on the coast we will always have buyers---and a lot of buyers when the prices are as low as they are now!!!!!

So we (all of the real estate companies) have sold 115 residential properties in Mexico Beach to St. Joe Beach, including Windmark Beach.
(I'm closing on one more today, so that number may go up by a few by the end of the week)

24 of those were short sales.
33 of those were foreclosures.

We have 18 residential properties that are currently under contract.
11 are short sales.
2 are foreclosures.

There have been 48 vacant lot sales.
6 were short sales
16 were foreclosures
Half of these sales were under $56,000!!

There are 5 vacant lots under contract.
4 are short sales
1 is a foreclosure

I'll be going into a little more detail with my monthly newsletter which I'll send out early next week!!!!!


Our inventory is really quite low.   We have 155 residential properties on the market right now. 
9 are bank owned (included 7 from the condo complex Tranquil Harbor)
18 are short sales.

We really are in need of properties to sell.   If you, or anyone you know is contemplating selling please call me---priced right, properties are definitely selling!!!!!   If you are 'in trouble' with your property, I can help.  Unfortunately,  I've become adept at short sales!

Happy New Year........................Drink responsibly please!

The trolley will be going up and down Hwy 98 again this year taking passengers up and down the beach, even into Port St. Joe so you can celebrate the New Year twice----once in Eastern time and again in Central time!!!!

God Bless and thank you all so much for your business!

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