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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter From Mexico Beach

I pray everybody had a great Easter!   Hope you all found lots of Easter Eggs and also gave Jesus a shout out for his resurrection!


The weather is getting warm!    I finally had to turn on my AC!   It's been pleasant enough with the windows open up to this point, but the time has come to close the windows (which I hate) and turn on the AC!   


The Beach Triathlon was this past Saturday!      I know a 15 year old was the overall winner!!!  
Every year I am just amazed at who does this physically challenging event.     This year a blind person participated and I know I saw a 74 year old, not sure if he was oldest!!!       I absolutely salute ALL the participants!!!!!
We have another one in the fall..........plenty of time to start training!!!!

The fishing report...............spanish, king mackeral and cobia!
Chip had a shark fishing trip the other day, catch and release.   Had a couple of exciting runs--wore a couple of guys out and everybody had fun!!!


As for real estate......  Its slowed down a little.   And I think that's just because everybody is concentrating on the end of the school year!     Below is the link to show the activity for the last week.


I have a home for someone who values space, privacy, and all the finer things in a home! 
  Maybe a horse lover?

Give me a call!!!


Interest rates are hovering around 4.75ish.     Just to give you a perspective....that's a mortgage payment of $834/mth (not including property taxes and insurance) on a $200,000 purchase with 20% down!

Condos remain the stickiest properties to finance.  Banks just do not want to lend money on a condo complex that still isn't owned by individual owners.    If the complex is primarily owned by one person (developer or investor) you pretty much have to have cash!

Lenders are requiring full documentation so while there is a lot of paperwork its still worth it since the rates are low and prices are as well!!!     

If you are buying a 2nd home or rental you will be required to have 20% down!    The better your credit rating the better the interest rate!

If you are looking to buy in the area, please give me a call.   I have access to all listings on the market and can help you with ANY property on the market, does not have to be my listing!!!     Some buyers think they have to call each different Realtor whose name is on the sign.   That can be frustrating and time consuming---I can find all the properties that meet your criteria and make all the appointments to show at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Have a great week!
sundance realty

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