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Monday, May 02, 2011

April was a good month in Mexico Beach

Wow!  Unbelievable news about Osama Bin Laden!!!    Congratulations to the men and women who carried out this mission!!!

April was pretty busy! Thirteen properties were put under contract in April. Click here to see the properties that now have contracts on them.

We've only closed on 9 residential properties. Click to see what sold in April. That's actually 6 properties less than last year!

Click here to see all 40 residential sales so far this year. We are actually 4 less than the # of sales last year but considering we only had SEVENTEEN residential sales in 2009, I'd say the market is doing well!!!

People ask me all the time "is the market coming back?" Looking at the number of closed sales and the number or properties under contract I'd give an overwhelming answer of YES! However, I think most people are really asking..........are the prices going back up. To that I would answer, no.

The reason we are having lots of sales is the low values. We still have some foreclosures and short sales which are dictating the pricing. Until we get rid of these we are probably not going to see much, if any, appreciation of where we are now.

I've posted a chart on the home page of my website.  It's pretty interesting.  Take a look!!!

Sellers: Properties with the 3 criteria.....LOCATION, CONDITION, PRICE.....are selling. I'd go so much to say...I pretty much guarentee your property will sell if priced right. It's the pricing right that is the hard part and the most important part. If you've had your property on the market for the last 30-60 days with no offers, I hate to say it, may not  be priced right. Don't forget to price based on condition, not just location!

Buyers: Our beaches area is very unusual....we are small, low key, and gorgeous! Because we don't have hundreds and hundreds of properties for sale, the old "demand and supply" theory kicks in. I've had people call and ask for a list of beachfront properties around $100,000. When I tell them there is no such list they say........but I heard Florida property is really cheap right now. Considering we are 50-60% off the prices at the height of the market, I'd agree. But.....let's be reasonable, you may be able to buy a 3,000 sq ft home in.......Atlanta, Chicago....for $100,000 but God isn't making any more beach. We have a saying........If you want to live at the have to pay!

There are a lot of buyers willing to pay......if you are one of them.....don't dicker over a $2000 or $5K or $10K or you'll lose out to the next buyer!!!


The fishing is good if the wind would stop blowing!!!

Unfortunately I think they are shortening the snapper season even more!!!   Even though the snapper are practically walking onto shore, the feds are listening to the wrong people and putting tighter and tighter regs on the fishing industry.

Do they really think the guys who make their living by fishing want to overfish????   Just doesn't make sense!!

Summer activities are starting this month, so don't forget to check out the calendar of events on my website.

Don't forget, if you are looking for property here, I can help with ANY property, it doesn't have to just be my listing.    I know folks who think they have to deal with the company on the yard sign---not true.

Give me your list of criteria and I'll work daily searching for properties that meet your needs, send you emails and updates and make appointments to go look!

Have a fantastic week.    And remember...................................

Mary  850-896-5222

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