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Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Mexico Beach

I pray all you Mom's out there had a great day!!!     I have a family of 4 children----2 dogs, a boat and my husband!     AND LOVE THEM ALL TO PIECES!

Our weather continues to just being fantastic!   It was cooler than normal over the last few days---turned off that AC, opened all the windows and doors!    Of course, last night I had to turn that AC back on----will probably stay on now until the fall.   

It was breezy too......which doesn't make for great fishing trips. So no fishing report from this weekend!

Snapper season is only open 45 days this year, 2 per person.  Opening June 1.   If you haven't booked your charter yet you better hurry because Chip's calendar will fill up fast!

Port St. Joe is hosting the KID'S FISHING TOURNAMENT this weekend!   It is a pretty big event so be sure to check it out if you are here this coming weekend!


Had a pretty active real estate week.      Five properties were put under contract.   I know I'm working 4 offers and hopefully they will be nailed down today!      And, I'm not the only agent out there  (don't tell anybody that though!)    so you know there are more offers being negotiated as we speak.  

It's really amazing to me how the market conditions change from year to year!    Right now we have more buyers than properties---we have actual LISTS of people who are ready willing and able and waiting for certain properties to become available.  They are just waiting for my phone call!
 Properties priced right are under contract in a matter of a few days!!!    Buyers simply can't dilly dally if a property comes up that interests them!!!   

Insurance seems to be a huge concern for most buyers.   Windstorm is the most expensive part of our insurance.   The cost is based on the age of the structure, the roof specifically.   Anything built after 2001 is built to the current building codes and its not an issue.  Anything built before 2001 you would benefit from a wind mitigation form.    This just inspects and confirms whether the roof has hurricane clips and other items related to the strength of the roof.   Also if you have hurricane shutters for all doors and windows.   If you do, then your insurance is considerably discounted!!!

Now, that is not to say that homes constructed before 2001 the insurance is horrendous or anything.  Its just a little more........however you can do things (like put hurricane clips, hurricane shutters...) that will help to reduce those insurance costs.  

Of course, you have to just assume EVERYTHING is just going to cost more at the beach----WE ARE AT THE BEACH!    That's why you want to buy here because WE ARE AT THE BEACH!    You aren't buying your vacation home in Georgia, or Alabama, or where homes are going to cost more here!
It always cracks me up when people say "but my 3,000 square foot home in the middle of the city in somewheresville, isn't worth what this 1,000 sq foot home AT THE BEACH is listed for!"    THAT'S BECAUSE WE ARE AT THE BEACH!
Let me tell you, I thank God everyday I'm able to live here!!


Please don't hesitate to call/email/text me if you have any questions about real estate, insurance, or Mexico Beach in general!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK and remember..................

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