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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time Flies in Mexico Beach!!!

I'm sorry!!   I haven't posted since Mother's Day????    Been busy!

The weather has been so fantastically awesome------we've had a week of cooler than normal temps and its been great!  

Memorial Day is next weekend, but we have been having crowds (at least crowds for us----sort of like when we complain about the traffice (ha!)) every weekend!    Properties that remain quiet and dark all winter are bustling with activity!     I love it!!

Spanish are biting just off the beach!   Snapper season starts June 1 and runs for only 45 days this year.
Chip's calendar for June is filling up fast, so if you want a charter, give him a call ASAP.
Chip Blackburn,   850-527-6272
He has air conditioning now!!!!!

The real estate market is still pretty active!   We had a couple of weeks when it seemed a little dull but........
as I've said a zillion times before.......we have lots of buyers.....its the inventory of properties for sale that is a little weak.   

I know a lot of people think everything is for sale here by the sheer number of real estate signs.  However, a lot of those signs are advertising rentals!!!    

Properties priced right are selling and selling relatively quickly.    The interesting and unique thing about our little area is .......we don't have subdivision after subdivision of homes, we don't have cookie cutter homes, our homes are unique and chances are if you find one you like, there's not another like it in the area!!!!

I've had some recent questions about "homesteading".    Claiming homestead is a definite tax advantage in Florida.    First of all, Florida does not have state income tax.   To claim homestead you must have a Florida driver's license, be a registered voter here, and live here 6 months + 1 day---that time frame does not have to be consecutive though.    By claiming homestead $50,000 will be subtracted from your property's tax assessment thereby reducing your taxable value + there is a limit as to how much they can increase your value thereby keeping your taxable value lower.  The link below has further explanation!

I have been looking for a Kayak since last year.    Finally got one and I LOVE IT!    I've only been out a couple of times (work is always getting in the way!) but am looking forward to a trip next week!

It's a Wilderness Tarpon, single, ultra-light!   

I'll be looking for places to go, people to tag along with so................................let me know who else out there is a kayaker!!!!


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Remember, if you are looking for property in the area, give me a call ANYTIME.  I work weekends, evenings, holidays......don't hesitate to call.     My name doesn't have to be on the sign, I can sell you any property in the state of Florida!  

Have a great week!!!


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