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Monday, September 19, 2011

Feels Like Fall in Mexico Beach Fl

Wahoooooo!     Nothing like a little cool air to make you want to kick your heels up!!!    69 this morning, going to be mid 60's in the mornings all week, highs only in the low to mid 80's.  I LOVE THIS WEATHER!!

Our water has been just soooooooo clear and blue and gorgeous.     This is the perfect time of the year to show property------how can you NOT  buy here!!

Speaking of buying.............The hot ticket item has been the Summerhouse condos on the corner of 22nd and Hwy 98.    The bank took over 21 units mid year and put them on the market at pretty much fire sale prices.    Half of them are already either sold or under here to see

There are still 10 available.    This complex is having some exterior repairs that should be starting today and it should take a few months to get this building completely up to speed!!   

The unfinished building gulf know, that eye sore we've been driving by for years now.....
is now under contract with a company in Panama City!    Yahoooo, I'm sure the buyer is going to finish that building out and we'll have something pretty to drive by!!!    

Below is a picture of an alligator behind the Summerhouse Condos.  I think its pretty cool----I wouldn't be real worried....I don't think it will wander onto Summerhouse property and become a danger!!

Mortgage rates are still low low low.      Our inventory is really low and honestly, sellers, since we have so many one of a kind properties here, can and are holding firm on some pricing!!

The old saying goes............God isn't making any more beach.........and he certainly isn't making any more Mexico Beach!!!

I have a great house for a 1st time home buyer or perhaps someone looking to downsize!  It's in immaculate shape!
Check it out below.     Just to give you an idea of how affordable this property is.....Mortgaging the entire amount (which someone buying it as a primary home may be able to do) 125,000 for 30 years at 4.5%  your mortgage payment would only be $633.35.    Property tax and insurance would probably add another $150-$200/mth---bringing it up to still less than $900/mth!!! 


The PoJo Festival was this past weekend.  The first Music Festival at Beacon Hill Park!   I believe they had a great turnout!!     I wish they had more festivals at this park...the location is perfect!
I forgot to take my camera with me so I only had my phone camera with me.

Mexico Beach's next big event is the Art and Wine Festival October 15.  Always a good time, right on the beach, music, food, art.......can it get any better????

We've had a great year in real estate so far!!!      There have been 155 sales thus far just in the Mexico Beach to Windmark Beach area (we are talking a very small area).   Click here to see our 2011 sales so far.      I'm sure there will be 10-15 more just by the end of this month!!!!!

We had a total of 120 sales in the same time frame in YES WE ARE SELLING!!
Properties price right are under contract in 30-60 days!


Have a great week!
If you have any questions/concerns about real estate ......give me a call!!!
sundance realty
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