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Monday, September 26, 2011

Real Estate in Mexico Beach Florida

Our water has been just so darn gorgeous the last few weeks.....I actually wish my commute to work was longer than 2 minutes!!!!

I did manage to take a few hours this weekend and go kayaking!!!    I haven't been able to do it for the last few months------been too busy!

I had a great time!   Of course, got a little too much sun.   I love to walk on the beach, take my dogs on the beach, but I don't typically just swim in the water.....but on this trip, I went west from the Mexico Beach canal, got past Tyndall Beach and decided to pull up on the beach, stretch my legs and take a dip to  cool off.   I was surprised by how cool it was at first dip.  It was so clear and refreshing.   I DID NOT WANT TO COME BACK!!!

Below is a picture of Mexico Beach as I was headed back to the canal!


On the fishing front:   Gag grouper is now open, for a little while.   I've been hearing great reports...lots of them and good size!!!!
Chip:  850-527-6272

As for real estate.........It's been a great and busy year!!!!   It has slowed down a little just in the past week.   
Seven sales closed out in the last week.   Click here to see them.

Only a few properties put under contract in the last week.   Click here.

Our inventory is really low.   While I don't see values appreciating much....I do think sellers know the inventory is low and they can hold to their price a little more than in the past.    Of course, appraisals have ruined more than 1 deal recently!!      



If you've never used Google Earth---you have to check it out.   They just recently came through this area so we now have ............street view!!   You can see the houses from the ground perspective!!


Below is an interesting link about home ownership.  

I'm not a fan of Trulia and Zillow....some of their values on their opinions of homes are not real accurate but if you take their information with a grain of salt it's okay!


Have a great week!!!
Don't forget to count your blessings----in fact, don't forget to take some time everyday to think about how blessed you are!!!!

Don't hesitate to call/email/text me anytime!!

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