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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Shopping For Real Estate in Mexico Beach, Fl

Mexico Beach had its annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony last Sunday.  Sunset park is spectacular again as Wylie and his crew from the El Governor decorate every year!!!!   The golf cart parade was a huge crowd pleaser as well.
Last year it was FREEZING COLD, this barely needed a light sweater!!!  

I think its supposed to turn a little cooler in the next few days though!!   Below are just a couple of the golf cart participants.   Check out my facebook page for more!!!


As for real's been surprisingly busy, at least with the amount of email inquiries and showings.    We used to have "selling seasons", now...since most people start their search for homes on just doesn't matter what season it is anymore.   Of course, we do get more inquires from the north pole (Minnesota, Missouri, New York....states way up there!!!) this time of year, simply because they are freezing to death and want to come south!!!!

However......if you are seriously looking, you better be ready to move fast!!!    Case in point....2 homes listed less than 2 weeks are now under contract.    Both homes had over 1700 sq ft and were priced to sell.   Both foreclosures. Listed between $159 and 177,000.  
Our inventory is really low right now!    Again, if you are seriously looking to buy now...its best to have all your ducks in a row....... financing, whether you need a pre-approval from a bank, or get your cash ready, get to know the area so you are familiar with location.   


Everybody is looking for a deal.......a lot of people are only looking for steals!    Everyone wants a great property for a good price.......but I've seen many people give up a property perfectly suited for them because they weren't getting a steal.      And if I've said this once I've said this a thousand this area we don't have 15 of the same kind of property----even our condos are limited and vary greatly with their view, location......So when you hesitate and pass up an may gone forever and you may have to settle for a lesser property!!!!   
You have to be able to weigh in the "enjoyment factor".      If your plans are to hang on to this property and use it and enjoy it and make family memories for the next 10 years.....BUY THE GOOD DEAL!  Don't wait for the steal because it may not come!!!!   

With the inventory as low as it is right and demand kicks in!!!

Please don't hesitate to call me/email me/text me ANYTIME if you have questions about any property in the area.    I can help you with ANY property on the does not have to be my listing.    The seller pays the commission not the buyer so choose a Realtor you like and trust and who will work hard for you and stick with them!!!   You will be rewarded for your loyalty!

New Year's Eve is a big event here at the beach.    You can celebrate in eastern time zone and again in central time zone.   Trolleys will take you up and down the beach for free so NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!     Even if you are a tee totaler like me.....its fun to take a trolley ride up and down the beach!    

Have a great week........please remember the "Reason for the Season"!

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