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Monday, December 26, 2011

Small Town with Big Attitude

While waiting for Santa to come down our street yesterday, I was talking to some neighbors who come from a larger city.    They thought it was just sooo cool that Santa takes the time to ride the fire truck UP AND DOWN EVERY CITY STREET waving, passing out candy, stopping and talking to all the children!!!!      

I guess I've just become accustomed to living in the small town atmosphere where (literally) "everyone knows your name!!!"

I'm not sure if it was the real Santa, or one of Santa's many helpers...........but the guy on the fire truck was AWESOME!!!    I know he was tired, but he took as much time as it took to put every kid on his knee and wait for all the 10,000 pictures!!!   He hugged EVERYONE, including the big guys who didn't want hugging......even paid attention to the dogs!!!!

I can't imagine living anywhere else!     Not only can I walk on the beach every day, I get to live in a small town......with a big attitude....We do things right in Mexico Beach!!!!

Of course waiting for Santa in t-shirts and shorts isn't too bad either!

Sunset Park Mexico Beach

I'll be glad to help you find a house here at the beach, so you too can learn to appreciate the small town atmosphere----where you can walk to the beach from just about every house!!!!

Mary Blackburn
sundance realty

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