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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15 Mexico Beach Fl

Unbelievably we are already nearing the end of 2008! Where did the year go! I don't quite understand why "time flies" the older you get! (not that I'm implying that I'm old or anything!)

I just received an email from a friend of mine who is spending the next 6 months in HAWAII!!
She said Hawaii is not like it used to be, said it was loud, which she was having trouble with after living in Mexico Beach the last couple of years!!! I thought that was interesting!


The Art and Wine Festival is this Saturday and if you haven't been----you need to come! The artwork is really great and the atomsphere is wonderful. 2:00-9:00 central time at the Driftwood Inn.


Snapper fishing is closed the end of this month. Chip loves to fish in October, its much cooler and the fishing is great! He's been catching limits of Snapper, and even quite a few grouper on 6 and 8 hour trips!


Just an update on the new Sacred Heart Hospital being built in Port St. Joe.

They have started construction and it is still proposed to be open in the fall of 2009.
We are all looking forward to this as it will not only provide much needed services in the area but also provide some new jobs!
The new hospital will be a community hospital with private rooms, an 24-hour emergency department and operating rooms
A full complement of diagnostic and laboratory services
A medical office building with space for primary care and specialty physicians, as well as various outpatient services
A helipad to be used by Sacred Heart's AirHeart helicopter, providing rapid transport for trauma patients and other critically-ill patients


Wow! Those gas prices! We are at $2.99 for regular here in Mexico Beach. I know folks in Georgia were having distribution problems as well as high prices.
However, we never had problems getting fuel down here.

As for real estate: Six properties have been put under contract in the last couple of weeks!! Please remember I'm talking about Mexico Beach and St. Joe Beach only, a really small area, so that's not bad! Of course there are over 250 active residential properties on the market, that's not so good! My point is that there are people buying! There are a lot looking to buy!
We all thought 2007 was slow, but looking at the sales for 2007---there were 91 residential sales Jan-September in 2007. We only have 58 residential sales thus far in 2008. YUCK!
The average sale price in September 2007 was 229,683!!! The average sale price this September was $172,333!!!

My November newsletter will give some more comparative stats!


As for the credit crunch.........We haven't had any experience down here with buyers having difficulty getting financing. Yes, they may be requiring 10-20% down and perhaps they are requiring a good credit score, and hopefully they are verifying income a little more---------but isn't that the way it is supposed to be??? My point is, if you can afford to buy, you can get financing!


Well, I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather! As always, don't hesitate to call me if you are interested in buying or selling down here! My website has, not only my listings, but all properties on the market under property search---I can help you with any of them!

Go to church this Sunday and Have a great weekend!


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