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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from Mexico Beach!

Brrrrrrrrrrr, feels like winter here at the beach! Pretty chilly yesterday and today, in the 30's. But we could live in Chicago or Buffalo or in Minnesota, where the wind chill takes it into the MINUS!!!

I remember growing up playing all day long in the snow! Building snow tunnels, making snowmen, making forts and having snow ball fights-------------what great memories! I freeze now when it dips below 50!!!! I really am glad to have those memories though.

Its going to warm back up towards the end of the week!


I'm done shopping! I've got the presents wrapped and under the tree! I love Christmas!


I feel obligated to talk at least a little bit about real estate........................We are all showing property quite a bit! I'm not seeing a lot of properties go under contract but you have to start somewhere! I'm even showing the day after Christmas!!!!

The people looking are all end users. My feeling is they want and can probably afford a beach house but all are being extra cautious because of the unknown economic future! I can't say that I blame them! Listening to the news makes ME want to file bankruptcy!!!! And I have been extremely blessed this year----all our investments are either paid for or are generating income, we still have a lot of equity in our home, our cars are paid for, and I am not financially (again , thanking God) stressed, but listening to the news makes me think I am or I'm going to be!
(of course that is not to say, I sure would like to be busier selling some stuff!!!!!!)

As you know I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan! The other night he was saying that this is by far the best time he has seen for a really long time to buy real estate. The only time he encourages someone to take out a mortgage is if they are a first time homebuyer. He did say that if you have money for a down payment---buy a house now!

I definitely promote Dave Ramsey's style of investing----DO IT ONLY IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT! But, if you can afford it---DO IT!


The least expensive residential townhouse is listed at $99,000!!!! Let's say you can get it for $90,000, you finance 90% at 5.5 % for only 15 years---your mortgage payment is $662 for your beach home!!!!! and of course we go up from there.

You can now buy a lot for $50-$60,000. Building costs are down as well, so lets say you buy a lot for $50,000, build a 1500 sq ft home at $100/sq ft----you've got a brand new custom home for $200,000!!!! Pretty good!


I pray that every one of you has a blessed Christmas and a safe New Year's. I thank all of you for supporting me, encouraging me, trusting me to represent you in a transaction!

Don't forget to sing Happy Birthday to the King---it is His birthday, you know!


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