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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saving Daylight in Mexico Beach Florida

I hope everybody remembered to turn their clocks back Saturday!

Well, I believe we are now at the right temperatures for this time of year. Low's in the 50's highs in the 70's. Yahoooooo!!! I love this time of year! I do not like the cold--but I love the change of temperature----I love being able to open the windows and doors, I love being able to wear a sweater, I love working in the yard and not breaking a sweat!!!!!

Just to let everybody know: The City of Mexico Beach is extending our pier. Construction will start Monday so the pier will be closed. They are anticipating about 4-6 months of construction. If you are a pier goer, be patient, it will be better in the end!!!!


We just got word that Southwest Airlines will be one of the airlines at the new airport in Panama City. It will be a welcomed addition!!!

An update on the "back beach" (Gulf to Bay) and expressway to Panama City (Gulf Coast Parkway)------The back beach road, which takes thru traffic from Hwy 98 along the water back around St. Joe Beach and Mexico Beach and takes it back into Hwy 98 at the eastern end of Mexico Beach before Tyndall is engineered, right of ways are purchased, the location is set. They are just awaiting funds for construction.

The road that will link Hwy 231 to the Overstreet Road (Hwy 386) making it an easier, faster route from Panama City to Mexico Beach is about 65-70% complete with the engineering stage.
The routes have not been established. They have narrowed the possibilities down to about 4 "corridors".

I have maps and information. If you are interested, just let me know and I'll be glad to talk with you or send you the information.

All of these changes, the new airport, the road re-alignments.....are all supposed to enhance and encourage more tourism and trade to our little neck of the woods. Right now you have to travel along the coast, through slower speed zones, to find us. It's also supposed to make hurricane evacuation more efficient.

I think the changes are positive as long as we still have the ability to control growth and development!!!

On the real estate front: Pretty slow week although a couple of important closings took place.
Transactions for the week of October 26-October 31.

>Newer Gulf Front home on St. Joe Beach, with almost 3400 sq feet, elevator.....Sold for $915,000----the buyer paid about $35K in seller closing costs, so they really paid $950,000.
Still a very good deal considering the age and location of this home.

>A 3 bed/2 bath home with almost 1500 sq feet. Great condition, beautiful landscaping and unobstructed gulf view sold for $399,000. Another great deal!!

These are the two most desirable locations----Gulf Front and unobstructed gulf view!!!

>An older canal front home, that is also beach side, went under contract. Listed at $620,000. I'm looking forward to seeing what that closes for!!!

Again, another desirable location--canal front!!!

There is going to be an auction in Mexico Beach next Saturday. A duplex (2 completely separate homes on one lot) beach side and a vacant piece of property that is basically a gulf front lot and 1st tier lot with it.
Neither of these auction properties are absolute, meaning the seller is going to have to accept the high bid. Or in other words, they don't have to accept the high bid---it may not be enough!

Both properties are unusual. In previous blogs I have stressed that unusual properties can command a little higher price. If its unusual now, it will be unusual when the market rebounds.

The duplex is unusual in that the houses are detached, attached only by deck. They are both large (4 bedroom) homes. So you are virtually getting 2 homes on one lot. They are good rentals. They are older and will require some work but.......they are beachside!!!

The vacant land is a good sized piece of property which includes a gulf front lot and a 1st tier lot + an extra 50 ft wide strip of land, that doesn't really add value because you can't build on it, but you can use it for density and set back purposes.

If you are interested in bidding, let me know!!!! I can get you registered.
I can even bid for you, if you can't make it!!!!

If you want more information, just send me a quick email or a phone call!!

Have a great week and remember: " Life is too short to wake up with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't, and believe everything happens for a reason! "


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