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Monday, August 16, 2010


Its just soooo nice to be able to talk about something other than the oil spill!    Which, of course, we are still keeping an eye on.    However, we have pretty much been given a clean bill of health by the NOAA as they have predicted no recoverable oil offshore of our beaches off Mexico Beach.   Federal waters have been opened up to fishing again. 

There is going to be long term testing of the waters and fish in the Gulf due to the impact from the oil spill but as far as we know----our beaches, water, and fish are CLEAN!!!


I'm not sure if the capping of the oil had a direct impact on the increased interest in real estate or not but we have been BUSY!!!!   Seven homes have been put under contract so far in the last 2 weeks, one more at least, will be contracted by the end of the day.

There are still lots of buyers looking---homes that are priced right based on condition and location are getting offers!!!    Any seller who is really trying to sell must take another look at their pricing!    Prices have consistently dropped this year.   Foreclosures and short sales are certainly dictating the pricing

At one time, pricing $50,000 above what your bottom line was was acceptable.  Today those homes are not even getting looked at.  You must be priced close to what you are willing to accept----no doubt buyers are still going to start low order to get an offer you have to get people in the house.   If priced way above market value---no one will even want to get in!

Condition is also important to today's buyers.   Repairing necessary items now will cost you less in the long run as buyers will discount any purchase price by considerably more than the repair amount if they have to do it!!!

So if you are looking to sell.............make those repairs now and make a price reduction if you aren't getting any action!!!

Interest rates have lowered again!    Well under 5% and even under 4% for home equity loans!

The Annual MBARA Kingfish tournament is in 2 weeks!    The sausage has been ordered for the Captain's party Friday night at the El Governor.     Only $150 to enter your boat!!   

If you are looking to buy or sell don't hesitate to contact me anytime!!!

Thanks and have a great week!
Sundance Realty

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