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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mexico Beach Fl Real Estate

We had a hellacious thunderstorm last night but I awoke to a beautiful sunshine filled morning!!!

The local schools are back in session now so things have quieted down here a little.  We'll still have a lot of weekenders enjoying our beautiful beaches though!

The MBARA kingfish tournament is this weekend!    We expect a great crowd!   Friday night is the Captain's meeting at the El Governor---sausage, beer, door prizes!   Only $150 to register your boat and you get a free MBARA T-Shirt + other goodies too!

On the real estate front-----it's been a busy month!!    TWELVE properties have been put under contract this month---That's one every other day!!!!    The buyers are out there snapping up the good deals!!!    
We have no oil, interest rates are SO LOW ITS UNBELIEVABLE ( 4.3% on a 30 year note--are you kidding me?????),    Prices are down--------what more can a buyer ask for??

We have properties now at prices that will cash flow----its been years since that's happened.

If you've been waiting to buy----you may want to jump in!

Give me a call and we'll start looking!

Have a great week and hope to see you this weekend!
Sundance Realty

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