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Monday, August 09, 2010

School has Started!

Port St. Joe schools welcomed the kids to school today!    Praying all students and teachers have a FABULOUS year!!


The Scallop festival was a big hit this past weekend!   Lots of food---why does festival food smell soooo good.    Great music as well!     It was HOT, but what do you expect in August!

I bought some beautiful earrings from my friend and wonderful artist Pam Hall!


As for real estate........we've been busy!    Even multiple offer scenarios on the good deals!

The oil well has been capped, so far we've escaped any oil impact on our beaches, and people are discovering and re-discovering our little strip of paradise here!   

The majority of our sales continue to be short sales which are being approved slightly faster than when we first started doing them.   I'd bank on waiting 1-3 months for approval though!

Just a quick update on what a short sale is:   the seller owes more on the property than what it is worth.  The seller can not afford the payments anymore so they apply for a short sale.  They list the property for sale, get an offer for at or near market value and ask their lender to release the property for less than what is owed.    They negotiate with their bank to forgive them the balance of the debt or other terms acceptable to them. 

A short sale is basically a pre-foreclosure situation.

If you are in a situation that a short sale may help you out, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll do my best to help you.

MBARA is having its annual Kingfish tournament the 27th-28th of August.   We were afraid the oil spill would shut it down, but I'm pretty optimistic the tournament will go on as planned.     Parts of federal waters are still closed, but there are plenty of kings in State waters, so we should have a good tournament!
Captains Party at the El Gov. Friday evening.  Tournament starts Saturday morning until 5:00.  Awards shortly after!!!    It's only $150 registration for each boat!

Let me know if you have any other questions!
Hope to see you there!!!

If you want to receive my email blasts about good deals, reduced prices, new foreclosures....send me an email with your criteria as to what you are  looking for and I'll send you properties from now until you find that perfect place!  Please include your telephone number so I can touch base with you!

Have a good week!
Sundance Realty

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