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Monday, July 04, 2011

God Bless the USA this 4th of July from Mexico Beach

It's amazing how this little town of about 1200 registered voters turns into a hustling bustling bursting at the seams beach party every 4th of July!

It just makes me smile to see all the tents on the beach, the families swimming, playing together, the bike riders, joggers, walkers on the sidewalks in the morning, the golf carts everywhere back in the neighborhoods!!!    I love to see them all come and have a good time!!!

The fireworks are tonight, shot from the pier-----and as usual, I'm sure it will be a great show!
I'm just glad I live close enough to walk to the beach, because finding a parking spot is going to be difficult at best!!     

I'm proud to fly my American flag!   I'm proud to live in America!  I do believe we are a country blessed by God and I hope and pray that we stay true to God and the principles upon which we were founded on! 


Fishing has been awesome!   Lots of snapper coming in!     One of Chip's charter trips caught a cobia trolling the other day!!!       I had to book a trip for myself and some girlfriends before the snapper season closed!     I'm going Thursday morning----will post pictures!!!


Been pretty busy in the real estate world as well.     Eighteen properties sold in the month of June!!!

 Fifteen residential properties have been put under contract in June.  Click here.

 Six lots have been put under contract in June.   Click here.
At these lot prices, it just seems a great time to buy and build!   We have very few newer homes on the market to show--why not build your own???

I'm keeping today's blog short and sweet-----I apologize for missing last week.  WAS ON VACATION!!   (and believe me that doesn't happen often).

Be safe, don't hesitate to call me anytime and ............let's do some business!

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