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Monday, July 05, 2010

Great 4th of July Weekend in Mexico Beach Fl

We had a great weekend in Mexico Beach!     All the hotels on the beach were filled as well as the majority of vacation rentals.    The weather (on and off rain showers) didn't deter any of the revelers!!! 

The fireworks were great---its always a great time to sit on the beach and watch all the private fireworks before and after the City show. 

If you were one of the zillion people who called to make reservations at the last minute and couldn't find a place to stay-------I hope you book early next year!!!


As for the oil-----------WE HAVE NONE!!    The men/women on the beach, the boats in the water, the aerial flyovers are all looking for it and THERE HAS BEEN NO CONFIRMED SIGHTINGS OF ANY OIL OF ANY KIND in our area. 

Below is a picture of the most recent trajectory map.   I've put a circle where Mexico Beach to Cape San Blas is just in case some of you are not familiar with the area. 

Of course, we are still anticipating some kind of effects of the oil.  By the time it gets here, they say it will be
weathered, meaning non-toxic.   

The one thing I can say is that we are NOT going to look anything like what it looks like in Lousiana!   We are expecting tar balls, perhaps some tar mats.......If it comes on-shore, I can assure you it will be cleaned up quickly!!!!  

Other than that we are taking this one day at a time!!!

As of right now, we are oil free, open for business, and as beautiful as ever!!


The Federal fishing has been closed, meaning you can only fish in state waters---that's about 9 miles out from the beach.    While my husband is a charter boat captain, I can only speak the basic language of fishing, so please call him with any specific questions when related to fishing!!!    Chip:  850-527-6272.

The MBARA annual King fish Tourney is approaching quickly--the end of August. 

The way it stands right now, the tournament is still on.   We will have the Captain's Party at the El Governor Friday night, the 27th.  The tournament will start Saturday.  Awards afterwards at Marquardt's. 

We are going to cancel the fish fry at Beacon Hill park just because there are too many variables to plan for it adequately now---but next year!!!!!!!

I believe there is also going to be a dance at Toucan's Saturday night!!

It's still going to be a fun weekend no matter what, so don't change your plans! 

As for the real estate market..............things have definitely slowed down since the news that oil hit Pensacola Beach------we were going wide open until then!!!!

We are still showing property and offers are few and far between but still happening!

If interested please give me a call anytime!!

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